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Is Twitter planning to expand 140 characters in a tweet limit to 10,000 characters soon?

Twitter has announced that it will not hesitate to extend the maximum character count for a tweet to more than 140. According to a recent report surfaced online, Twitter is planning to increase the character limit to 10,000. If Twitter throws open the doors to such numbers, then it would have to accommodate average 4000 words and the balance for images.

Twitter, based in San Francisco declined to provide any information on the proposed plan to increase the character limit. Dorsey pointed out that they have already found several screenshots with lengthy content.

He disclosed that Twitter is working on a mechanism to provide users with more room to express content without altering the infrastructure. He further shared that his company is committed to exploring all possibilities to provide a stable communication platform for its users.

Twitter is in favour of imposing restrictions in the messages posted by its users since it will inspire creativity and brevity, says Dorsey in his extended tweet.

If Twitter increases the character limit, Dorsey will have to respond to long time users who still prefer 140-character limit. At the same time, Dorsey will have to address the concerns of company shareholders. They are in favour of increasing the limit since it will fetch more revenue and profit for the company for the first time in its history.

According to analysts, Twitter should not become stagnant, and they need to think bigger to create more space for its advertising platform. The growth of Twitter has slowed down during the last two years, and the company is struggling to cope up with Facebook ever since Dick Costolo departed from the company in 2015.

The company needs to think out of the box to earn more popularity and retention of users by increasing the character limit in a phased manner. While Twitter is a well-known identity among corporate executives and bloggers, the social platform is still not known to common people.

The 140-character limit was imposed in 2006 when smartphones were in infancy. This situation has changed now. Hence, the company should rethink and increase the limit to enable users to express their opinion in a bigger way.

The best way to display content after the removal of the restriction is to showcase few lines of the content and then open the full tweet inside a new window. The company should also implement a facility to edit the tweets.

It’s the Facebook which occupies the first spot when people talk about social media. Twitter should change this situation by adding new features regularly to enable more users to work with the service.