Truke Fit Pro Wireless earphones: USB Type-C and Bluetooth 5.0 for less than INR 1000

Wireless earbuds are not only convenient, but they also offer excellent sound quality and are now reasonably cheap. The market is currently flooded with low-cost wireless earbuds that provide better than what the price suggests. The newly launched Tru ke Fit Pro is one such pocket-friendly wireless earphone now available via Amazon. Priced at INR 999, it promises to deliver the freedom you desire for much less than some of the pricier earbuds. Read on to find out more about the new budget-friendly wireless earphone.

Truke Fit Pro Features

For the price, the Truke Fit Pro offers an impressive set of specifications. To begin with, these wireless earphones pack 13mm dynamic drivers, a feature worth noting as most wireless earbuds in the same price range offer 10mm drivers. The company claims these earphones last up to 24 hours with a charging case that is backed by a 500mAh battery. The Truke Fit Pro also offers fast charging support which delivers one-hour playback after 15 minutes of charging.

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Elsewhere, the Truke Fit Pro offers USB Type C charging and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to connect iOS and Android devices. The company further claims these earbuds are compatible with 99% of smartphones & gaming devices.

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Truke also asserts these dolphin-shaped open fit earbuds are ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort. Apart from these features, the Truke Fit Pro also offers voice assistant support for both Android and iOS devices.

Are they worth buying?

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With features such as USB Type C charging and voice assistant support, usually found on the more expensive wireless earbuds – the Truke Fit Pro offers a lot for the price. At INR 999, many of the features offered are impressive, to say the least. Hence, if you’re looking for cheap wireless earphones packed with high-end features, you should totally check out the Truke Fit Pro. Besides, they also come in three popular colour variants. These include Basil Green, Royal Blue & Carbon Black.

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