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Top 8 Magento Extensions and Plugins for 2019


Magento’s popularity is growing at a rapid rate, and with so many reasons for vendors and store owners to appreciate Magento, it is easy to see why. Magento has excellent SEO support and is incredibly mobile-friendly. As with most other Content Management Systems, Magento has many different useful extensions and plugins available to its users.

Extensions and plugins allow Magento’s users to customize their eCommerce website in many different ways, tailoring it to the individual’s needs. To help you make the most of this amazing platform, we’ve brought together 8 of the top plugins and extensions you should be taking advantage of in 2019. Continue reading to learn more:

Top 8 Extensions and Plugins for 2019:



If you are running a large eCommerce storefront, taking care of Search Engine Optimization can be an overwhelming task. SEO Hub is one of the leading extensions available for Magento that offers SEO Optimization capabilities. With this extension, you are able to manage data feeds, canonical URLs, meta tags, and many other aspects of your website! It offers you flexibility in that you can apply templates to only certain products, set metadata restrictions, and create smart notifications. Utilizing this extension, your website will be much more likely to receive higher rankings on search engine result pages!

Magento Refer a Friend

Using Magento Refer a Friend, you can turn customers into advocates for your brand! With this extension installed, customers are given the option of referring friends to your store, which can take a simple sale or customer interaction and turn it into a marketing opportunity!

Mageworx Search Suite

Using Mageworx Search Suite, you can provide your customers with a great search engine, which can quickly sort through your website and inventory and provide accurate results, no matter how large of a product range you have! Utilizing the Sphinx search engine, Search Suite enables you to have your site’s database quickly indexed in order to provide results to your users in the blink of an eye. By offering your users an excellent search feature, you’ll be sure they find the right product for them!

Advanced Product Options

If you sell products you’ve designed yourself, such as clothing, books, or pens, consider installing Advanced Product Options! With this great extension, you can give your customers the option of personalizing the products they purchase from your website. Offering customization features in this way goes a long way to show that you truly care about your customer’s interests! Allowing your customers a unique way of interacting with your website will help your business stand out from the competition!

Delivery Date Scheduler

Online shoppers these days can be impatient. When they place an order, they like to know when it is going to be arriving at their doorstep, and ideally, they’d like the option of choosing the date! By installing Delivery Date Scheduler, you’ll be able to satisfy this need. Once installed, your customer’s will be provided with the option of choosing a delivery date for their order, making ordering from your website all the more appealing!

Language Translator

This Magento extension is a great option for eCommerce shop owners who foresee themselves offering products to a multi-lingual market. With this amazing extension, your website’s content can easily be translated to a variety of other languages to suit the individual customer’s needs. Having your website’s content translated into multiple languages makes it much easier to reach a wider customer base, ensuring you’re not missing out on a large chunk of your potential market.

MageMob Admin

MageMob Admin is a great extension for eCommerce shop runners who would like to be able to manage critical components of their website from their mobile device. With this extension installed, you are able to process orders, manage stock, receive notifications for new orders, and view individual order details, amongst many other things. MageMob Admin is available to you in both a mobile app or an extension.

Magento Price Match

Take the guesswork out of your customer’s buying decision by proving to them that your product is the best deal around! Using Magento Price Match, you can offer your customers a guarantee that your product is priced competitively, and if they are able to find a similar product at a lower price, give them the option of requesting a price match or discount! This is a great way to keep your products profitable, while offering discounts to the more discerning customers you may be dealing with.


With so many Magento extensions available to you, it can be difficult to decide on which to install and which to skip, in order to make your eCommerce website as profitable as possible, without making this overly complicated. With the addition of some of these great plugins and extensions, your online storefront will be much more intuitive and streamlined, offering your customers the options they desire in today’s incredibly competitive and fast-paced market!

If you’re looking to make 2019 the year your business truly begins to shine, consider installing some of these great extensions and plugins to your Magento site. For a nominal fee, you’ll likely realize substantial boosts to your profits, which makes going with one of these great plugins an easy choice!