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Super Mario Run from Nintendo arrives on iOS on December 15

Remember Super Mario Run! — the side-scrolling endless runner Apple unveiled at its iPhone 7 launch event in September. The much-anticipated title, inspired by Nintendo’s classic smash hit Super Mario Bros will hit the App Store on December 15. Alongside the iPhone, Super Mario Run is also playable on the iPad as well the iPad Touch running iOS 8.0 or later.  

According to Nintendo, Super Mario Run can be downloaded free-of-cost, and players can try a few elements of the game’s three modes at no cost. In addition, a one-time purchase of $9.99 gives unlimited access to each of the game’s three modes.

To recall, Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked-off the keynote event in September by inviting the brainchild behind the classic Mario game, Shigeru Miyamoto. Super Mario Run is apparently the first ever mobile version of a Mario game from Nintendo. As the name suggests, its an endless runner style game similar to popular titles like Vector.

The character is in continuous motion as you navigate his way jumping and evading obstacles to reach the end. A tap on the screen makes Mario jump, while long-pressing the screen propels him higher and longer in the air. Gamers need to time their jumps to squash and evade oncoming enemies.

The game also features two other modes called Kingdom Builder and Toad Rally. In the former, users can build their own gigantic mushroom kingdoms, while Toad Rally lets you compete with friends. The better you play, the more toads you attract to design your mushroom kingdom.

“Over the years in our own experiments on our own platforms, we had come up with some ideas for how to make Mario simple for people who don’t play Mario games,” Miyamoto said in an interview with The Verge.

Android users need not worry as Nintendo has officially confirmed that it will be available on Android as well, though hasn’t mentioned an exact release date. You can sign-up for more information about Super Mario Run at the official site here.

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