Sound One is in sound equipment market for not so long but released some amazing headphones with features you won’t find in any other brands. The one we have here from Sound One is the best wireless headphones, BT 06. These headphones work both ways; with wire or over Bluetooth, it also has a built-in FM radio and SD card slot. Let’s find out more about this smartphone and see if you can consider this one over the one you are getting your eyes on.

Unboxing and Design

The packaging of Sound One BT 06 is very clean and fancy, the headphones can be seen from the clear window on the box. All accessories are below the headphones; there is a USB cable for charging and 1.5-meter long audio cable for wired connection. A user manual is also there just in case you wonder what all the buttons are all about.


Sound One BT 06 is lightweight headphones despite all the features it comes with. BT 06 comes is four colors; white, blue, black and red, the one we got here is the blue one. The headphone is all black with blue lining on earcups and the padding on the headband is blue. The ear cups are adjustable according to the head size.

The headphones are foldable and fold down easily so you can keep them in case or backpack. The headphones look nice and it all glossy on the outside and the left earcup holds all the buttons, power switch and I/O ports. The fitting is a bit tight, adjust the cups loose it up a bit and the cups goes on the ears won’t cover them.


Now you will know why I called these headphones; a Swiss Knife. These headphones work with every device you got with you unless it comes with Bluetooth or audio jack (it will work with iPhone 7 too!). BT 06 even has FM radio built in so you can enjoy it, but if you don’t want to listen to FM radio then it has a TF card slot. Just get your favorite music on a micros SD card, pop the card in SD card slot and let’s roll!


As I said before that the headphones a bit tight fitting and it hurts after wearing them for a long time. Actually, I like the tight fit because it makes the bass more punchy than when loose. The earcups are soft and don’t hurt a bit (with loose fit) and the padding on the headband is not much but won’t hurt. Overall, the headphones are comfortable but not comfortable enough for long hours (it is also not good for your ears too).


Now comes the main part, for which you are reading this whole review; how does these sound? I compared these headphones with some of the headphones with the similar price range and I noticed a big difference in sound quality. These headphones made me forget the previous headphones I am using since a long time.

The sound is very crisp, the highs and lows are amazing, the sound is very clear. The bass is punchy and the best I have ever experienced in any headphones (till now). The bass is very deep and you can feel every bit and every thump. Summing up, the bass in BT-06 is the best you can find in this range headphones.


  • Bluetooth and wired connectivity
  • SD card slot
  • Deep bass
  • Affordable price


  • Headband is a bit tight


Sound One BT 06 got it all the features you could ever think of (or not). BT 06 is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,890 and there are four colors to choose from. If you are a music lover and looking for any headphones with amazing bass then Sound One BT-06 should be your first and last choice.


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