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Six essential browser Add-ons for an improved web experience


A web browser is a software application through which one can retrieve, represent and transverse information resources like images, videos or other pieces of content on the internet. The most popular and commonly used Web Browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Browser Add-ons are installed for simplifying the daily surfing tasks. Over the years, best extensions have been introduced to browsers to simplify surfing. Now you can have a pool of extensions to your browser and enjoy their amazing features. Some of the add-ons are listed below:

1. Web of trust (WOT):

Web of trust is concerned with the safety factor while surfing content on the net. Whenever you search online, it checks the security level of the results. The results identified after a search are represented with one circle adjacent to it. The Green circle indicates that the site is safe to browse so that you can go ahead with it. The Yellow circle indicates caution, and the Red circle shows the danger that means the site is not safe to browse.

It warns users of any fraudulent websites. ‘Web of trust’ add-on is available on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer whereas, Opera and other browsers have ‘bookmarklet’ add-on which is similar to WOT.

Web of trust

2. BugMeNot:

This add-on is for those who at times feel lazy to sign up a particular website. This extension allows you to browse websites without giving your e-mail and other details. It retrieves the login credentials from BugMeNot Website, thereby enabling you to enter and browse the site. If this extension doesn’t work, you can quickly send feedback. This extension will save a lot of time of yours while browsing.

3. PriceBlink:


Well, if you love to shop online then this add-on is a real-time price comparison tool for you. PriceBlink allows you to make adjustments with the price factor. Now you don’t need to do the groundwork as it will automatically screen and flash the options that would save you money; probably options with the lowest price. It is a great app that keeps your wallet from getting thin. All price conscious people need to note and add this web extension to their browser as soon as possible.

4. Greasemonkey:

This extension makes web page customization easy. It allows you to make changes in the web page with the help of small bits of Javascript. The changes made will reflect every time you visit those web pages. Greasemonkey is majorly used for customizing the appearance of the web page combining the data from various web pages, and for adding new functions on the webpage.

5. LastPass Password Manager:

last pass password manager

The best and secure way to manage your passwords online for various sites is the use of password manager. LastPass is of the reliable password managers that will help you log into any of your accounts in a secure and easy way. The add-on secures your personal information along with passwords in a secure vault. It auto fills web browser and generates new and secure passwords. Users just need to remember the master password of their LastPass account and the extension will do the rest.

6. Google Translator:

It is free service provided by Google with the help of which text, speech, images, or real-time videos can be translated from one language to another. It supports 103 different languages and has millions of users worldwide. This is an amazing add-on wherein you can browse data in different languages and even translate the entire web page into a language you are comfortable reading. Since different languages are prevailing across the globe, this add-on makes it easy to browse, read, and understand the content on a particular web page.

The various extensions are designed to make browsing more user-friendly, save time, and increase the accuracy. So, what are you waiting for? Make additions to your browser by downloading these extensions and start making the best of your surfing time.