Scientists finally decode Arctic and Antarctic sea ice change mystery

Arctic and Antarctic seas ice change

The difference between the sea ice change of Antarctic and Arctic has always been a mystery, but National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) together have finally solved this puzzle.

NASA, together with NOAA, conducted a study determining the cause of “stark contrast between Arctic and Antarctic sea ice change.” The researchers used temperature, topographical and bathymetric data to find out the factor behind the preservation of Antarctic sea ice. They collected data from NASA’s QuikScat satellite, which was launched in 1999, to study the formation and trace the path of Antarctic sea ice movement

Researchers found that the primary factor behind the sustenance and production of sea ice in Antarctica is local ocean depth and continental surface features, which impact both the wind and ocean current in the region. But in the Arctic, the different condition led to the ongoing melting of sea ice in the north.

A news release issued by Son Nghiem of Jet Propulsion Laboratory Earth Science, states:

If we look at the current study, it is clearly evident that the production and sustenance of Antarctic sea ice are because of the geophysical characteristics found in the region. This feature is a stark contrast to Arctic region where the conditions are very different.

The growing global warming has made its mark in the Arctic region as the sea ice thinned by 65% between the period 1975 and 2012. The ongoing decline of sea ice in the northern pole is a growing concern for scientists around the world. In recent year, the Arctic region sea ice is recorded as one of the lowest.

Whereas NASA and NOAA may have solved one mystery, further research will provide complete details about the percent by which Arctic and Antarctic sea ice will grow or shrink in future. Also, how global warming effect will the region and to what level.


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