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Samsung’s AirPod-like headphones powered by Bixby to go live with Galaxy Note 8 next month

The South Korean Multinational, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd (SSNLF) is likely to be busy in developing an AirPod-like headphone, powered by its nascent Bixby personal assistant and the headphones are reported to go live along with the brand’s much-awaited Phablet, the Galaxy Note 8 next month, claimed a new report from Etnews. Though the report is yet to be officially verified, the latest publication of Etnews has confirmed that Samsung is plotting a high-end and smart answer to Apple’s popular AirPods earbuds, by leveraging the promising features of its intelligent personal assistant – Bixby.

As claimed by the report of the Korean outlet Etnews, published on Friday, the wireless headphones will be unveiling on 23rd August, at an official event where the Korean Brand is planning to unveil its much-hyped, next-gen Galaxy Note 8. As the report highlighted, the headphones will feature smart noise-cancelling wireless technology, just like Apple’s AirPods earbuds are.

Though ETNews hasn’t the most reliable evidence when it comes to the leaked reports for Samsung and Apple devices, it is a great surprise for us as Samsung is developing some devices right now, for keeping similar market position with American Multinational. But what makes things more surprising is its idea of leveraging the technology of its Bixby smart assistant which was recently introduced in the United States.

As highlighted by the reports, this AirPods competitor, whose official name is yet to be confirmed, is slated to go on sale in September and will be optimized for applications by small businesses. The main problem of this super-fast designing and quick launch is its technology of Bixby, which seems to be still in infancy. Bixby is still in its early years and far from competing with industry leaders including Amazon’s Intelligence Personal Assistant – Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Assistant. And hence, releasing just a pair of expensive Bluetooth headphones is less likely to bring any changes to the current market positions.

Alongside these expensive and noise-cancelling headphones, Samsung is also reportedly working on a new Bixby speakers who are expected to get into board sometime later this year. As highlighted by the latest report of Etnews, Samsung executive has confirmed that the launch date for the headphones is still in undecided condition, and hence expecting it to be launched so soon can be a disappointment.

As the war of smart personal assistant, technology is running fiercely in the current market, developing a competent, intelligent, and the adaptable assistant app hasn’t so easier for Samsung, especially counting the likes of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft already has a big head-start. The next few months will decide if Bixby with Samsung’s ambitious plan to compete Apple’s AirPod will sink or swim.