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Samsung planning to launch Galaxy Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’ in July

After the disastrous failure of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is planning to Re-launch the device as Note 7 Fandom Edition. It retains the same specifications of the original Galaxy Note 7 but comes with a smaller battery unit of 3200mAh which is comparatively 30% less than the original Note 7. The limited edition of the FE devices will be available to consumers in South Korea from July 7. According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, Samsung is expected to release up to 400,000 FE devices across the three major telecom providers in the country.

Nevertheless, the flagship device Note 7 was the astonishing device and claim to be the best in the price segment. But the major issue with the handset is the battery malfunction which becomes hot abruptly and then catching fire due to overheating. Due to this incident, Samsung was forced to recall about 3 million units.

The Galaxy Note lineup is immensely popular around the globe and is known for its supreme aesthetics, brilliant display, furious processor and seamless UI. But after the huge setback created by Note 7, the tech giant strongly bounced back with the Galaxy S8 and rest is the history. The Samsung Note 8 is on the card already, and the company is aiming September for the launch of the next Galaxy Note flagship. It needs to be seen how well the Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition will fare for Samsung.