There has been much talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8 featuring a 4K ultra-high definition display screen when it is released. While these rumors were scarce but noticeable before, it has become much the mainstream topic after Samsung unveiled a 4K resolution screen recently.

An article citing the research of an analyst group, UBI Research has recently appeared in the Korea Herald that suggests Samsung may indeed use these screens in the new device.

At the SID 2016 trade show, Samsung demonstrated a 5.5” 4K resolution display screen. According to market analysts, the production yield rate of the new screens is set to improve in the coming months. This increases the likelihood that Samsung will indeed equip the upcoming Galaxy S8 with the ultra-high definition screen.

While the inclusion of 4K screens would give Samsung an added edge, it would also help improve virtual reality experiences on the smartphone. Other competitors are also gearing up to include 4K resolution display screens in their upcoming devices, so we guess Samsung won’t stay at the back of the line.

Apart from Samsung, Sony would be the only other smartphone manufacturer to have a 4K display screen on their smartphone. Sony announced their Z5 premium with an ultra-high definition screen last year.

If history is any indicator, you will have noticed that Samsung usually upgrades the display screen on their devices every two years. When introduced, the Galaxy S3 had an HD display screen, the latter Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 devices came with an upgraded full-HD screen while the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 came with even better quad-HD screens. We find it only natural for the anticipated Galaxy S8 to feature a better 4K screen in keeping with the company’s past habits.

Samsung has, however, not confirmed any of this at the moment and we will not know if the Galaxy S8 will come with a 4K display screen for sure unless the company says so itself.