It is not for the first time that Qualcomm Technologies is renaming its products. There was a time when the company changed the naming conventions after every generation. Earlier this year in February, the Snapdragon 618 and Snapdragon 620 mid-range SoCs were upgraded with hexacore and octa-core processors. Now, Snapdragon 618 and Snapdragon 620 has been renamed as Snapdragon 650 and Snapdragon 652 respectively.

While the exact reason is not known yet, the company states that names were changed for differentiating the new chips from 615 and 617 generation. The Snapdragon 650 and 652 uses company’s advance X8 LTE technology with Cat 7 support and carrier aggregation plus the advanced ARM-A72 CPU and next generation Qualcomm Adreno 510 GPU clocked in at 550MHz.

The renaming is to recognize the significant modem, processing, graphics, and camera advantages of these two processors. However, it is strange that ten months were taken for figuring this out.


Both the Snapdragon 652 and Snapdragon 650 processors support 4K Ultra HD video recording, playback, and 4G LTE experiences push the limits for this category. The 1st smartphone that would be powered by Snapdragon 652 is Samsung Galaxy A9, the leaks of which have been seen recently. However, more phones would soon join the list.

Although, the change sounds quite silly, it might be a strategic move by Qualcomm. There are chances of some low-end CPUs being released under the names Snapdragon 618 and Snapdragon 620.