Indiegogo backed Perfect Memory Camera let you capture missed moments again

Perfect Memory camera

A US based company has developed a camera named Perfect Memory camera, which enables you to “go back in time” to capture amazing moments. The camera can be pre-ordered from Indiegogo starting at $119 with expected availability in October 2016.

The new camera is a tiny pocket-size and lightweight 12-megapixel gadget that has the capability to record audio and video in Full high definition format. With Perfect Memory camera, you will be able to record continuously. You will be able to save footage from the previous five minutes when you touch it on the display. Alternatively, you can also capture videos in any other predefined duration.

Perfect Memory camera

Commenting on the new camera, Jules Winnfield, COO of General Streaming Systems said that you never know when a surprising and magical moment will happen in your life. It could be capturing a baby’s first words or cry. Interestingly, Winnfield is the main brain behind the development of the automatic rewind memory camera.

Perfect Memory camera can be attached inside car

The newly developed Perfect Memory camera can be easily worn as a hands-free bodycam. Moreover, you can also attach the camera to the dash of a car and even around your pet’s neck. It is also possible to pair the camera with sports action mounts with an option to stick to virtually any surface.

According to a report published in Live Science journal, the new Perfect Memory camera enables you to retroactively save a video of an event after it occurs. The new camera is also capable of capturing images coupled with regular video camera features. Furthermore, you can also capture time-lapse photography.

Ability to stream content to iOS and Android with Perfect Memory camera

In addition to normal photography, the newly launched camera ships with the capability to stream images and videos to iOS and Android. It is also possible to establish connectivity with your pets.

Responding to media, the company staff claimed that the camera can be easily attached to dogs and even cats. Moreover, the camera lens is stable so that you can capture amazing moments in superb quality. The company also supplies additional mounts to other action camera mounts.

With Perfect Memory camera, you can dissect portions of your day that were interesting and amazing. Moreover, the camera also created a memory of everything you visualize.

Perfect Memory camera Pricing and availability

The Perfect Memory camera can be pre-ordered from Indiegogo for $119 and will be available in October 2016. Available in both Silver and Gold color variants, you will also receive loop attachment and USB cable along with the product package. You can also place an order for the same camera with eight accessories such as universal screw mount and USB cable for $139.


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