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OnePlus Open Display Crease: A Subtle Evolution in Foldable Tech

The OnePlus Open, the latest entrant in the foldable smartphone market, has been generating significant buzz, especially regarding its display crease. As foldable technology evolves, the challenge of achieving a seamless fold without a prominent crease remains a hurdle for manufacturers. The OnePlus Open seems to be making strides in this direction.

Key Highlights:

  • The OnePlus Open’s screen crease is less noticeable than its competitors.
  • The device is roughly the same thickness as the Galaxy Z Fold 5.
  • CEO Pete Lau confirmed that the OnePlus Open and Oppo Find N3 are identical.
  • A recent hands-on video showcased the OnePlus Open from various angles.
  • The phone’s hinge is 37% smaller than its predecessor, the Find N2.

A Closer Look at the OnePlus Open:

Shortly after CEO Pete Lau announced the OnePlus Open and Oppo Find N3 as identical smartphones, the tech community got its first official glimpse of the device through a popular YouTube channel. Another YouTuber, Jagat Review, provided a more in-depth look, especially focusing on the main screen and its comparison to the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The Screen Crease: A Subtle Presence

Like all foldable phones, the OnePlus Open has a screen crease. However, what sets it apart is its subtlety. When placed next to the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the crease on the OnePlus Open is far less prominent. The crease on Samsung’s foldable, in contrast, appears more like a valley, emphasizing the OnePlus Open’s achievement in this area.

Comparing Dimensions and Design:

In terms of thickness, the OnePlus Open mirrors the Galaxy Z Fold 5. When fully opened, the OnePlus Open is slightly wider than the Fold 5. The exterior design didn’t reveal much more, but the video did highlight the main display’s nuances.

Innovations in Hinge Design:

The hinge of the OnePlus Open, a critical component in foldable phones, has seen significant improvements. It’s 37% smaller than the one in the Find N2. Furthermore, Lau mentioned that this hinge utilizes 31% fewer components, hinting at a more streamlined and efficient design.

Anticipation Builds for Official Launch:

With the official launch date set for October 19, the tech community is eagerly awaiting the OnePlus Open. As the days count down, it remains to be seen if any more leaks or revelations will emerge.


The OnePlus Open is poised to make a significant impact in the foldable smartphone market. Its subtle screen crease, comparable dimensions to leading competitors, and innovative hinge design set it apart. As the official launch date approaches, the tech world is keenly anticipating its arrival and the potential it holds for the future of foldable technology.