To opposite the weak sales effect and attract gamers more towards it, Nintendo is offering offer a hefty $50 price cut for its 32GB Wii U console. The Japanese game maker yesterday announced that it is slashing the price of its Wii U video-game system in a bid to remain in competition with release of competing consoles from Sony and Microsoft.


Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said,

As long as we create high-quality software we will be able to drive our business. Regarding the price cut – now is the right time to offer better value. This sets us up for a strong holiday season.”

If i can recall, Sony Corp. (6758)’s  PlayStation 4, is due November 15 or somewhere around that with a $399 price tag, much less than its rival Microsoft Corp. (MSFT:US)’s Xbox One for $499. Price cut from Nintendo Co. (7974) will surely help them fetch more sales number as the console Wii U has struggled to find an audience for long.

The company is aiming to sell 9 million consoles by next March by offering new games and reducing prices. Nintendo is well known for games featuring much-loved characters like Mario and Zelda. The price of the 32GB deluxe version Nintendo Wii U will come down to $299.99, from $349.99. The offer will be effective from Sept. 20.

A lot of marketing activity behind the price decline of the eight month-old Wii U is also expected done to attract consumers and garner huge sales.
Source – Yahoo News