Celestial spectacles are always worth the wait, and on July 18, 2015, three brightest objects of the solar system will come together to create a vision in the sky.

Come Saturday evening, Venus and Jupiter will come along with another waxing crescent Moon, and the trio will be seen in the night sky.

In fact, Venus and Jupiter have been visible all over the week. Spectators will find that 9% illuminated Moon will be less than one degree from Venus. Also, the distance from Jupiter will be just 6 degrees in the sky.

According to a report in KCBD.com, the display with all the three bright objects can be seen from evening till 9-9:30 pm US time.

Sadly, there may be evening shows in the west and northwest South plains, which may hamper the overall viewing of this celestial spectacle.

This lunar planetary grouping is not the only highlight. On July 18th and 19th, onlookers can find some great chances to catch the planet Venus in the daytime, which can be spotted close to the crescent moon.

Intrinsically, Venus is brighter than the moon, but the moon being closer to earth looks brighter in the daylight sky. More people are likely to spot Venus against a blue sky, and around 4 PM US time.

Although this is not rare for planets to appear close to each other in the sky, with the crescent moon coming in, this can be worth watching in the clear sky.