Meet Google Cloud Search, the new smart search engine for enterprise users

Google has announced a new tool for enterprise customers called Google Cloud Search. The new service was formerly known as Springboard and works much like Google Now. It also incorporates machine learning and allows G Suite customers to search across Drive, Sites, Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and much more.

The new search feature will offer users assist cards having all the essential information so they can easily find files they’re looking for, thereby saving valuable time in the process. Google says as more and more companies are moving their data to the cloud, hence searching through internal data is getting overly complicated by the day. Such assist cards will help enterprise users find all the timely and necessary information without much hassle.

Google Cloud Search uses assist-cards

Google Cloud Search is pretty similar to the way Google Now works, which also makes use of a card-style layout to provide relevant information to users. Also, it relies on machine learning in order to present information it thinks may be relevant to the user at the given moment.

Google says it’ll continue improving the service, with more assist cards to make it easier for users to get access to the information they need. The company also plans to integrate third-party apps with Google Cloud Search in the near future.

Besides, Google Cloud Search also works as a directory allowing users to find anyone listed in the company’s database. It details information such as contact info, events, and files they have in common, along with the ability to send emails, make phone calls or trigger a Hangouts Chat with a single tap.

For those concerned about privacy, the new Cloud search feature is in agreement with G Suite file sharing permissions, implying that customers will only be able to search for files they get access to. The service is now rolling out for G Suite Business and Enterprise edition customers. It’ll also be available on Android and iOS. For information, follow the link here.


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