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Mastering the Parade Formation in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Mastering the Parade Formation in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth introduces an expanded and engaging parade sequence that requires players to strategically gather troops and decide on the best formation to impress both the President and the audience during the Junon Presidential Parade. This segment is not just a spectacle but an opportunity for players to showcase their command and timing skills for a memorable performance.

Key Highlights

  • Recruitment of Troops: Before the parade, players must recruit members of the Midgar Seventh Infantry scattered around Junon for the Seventh Infantry drill team.
  • Ideal Parade Formation: The optimal formation includes Grenadiers, Riot Troopers, and a Flametrooper arranged in a specific order for maximum impact.
  • Execution and Scoring: Successful execution of the parade performance involves timely button presses in sync with music and visual cues, aiming for a high score and audience approval.
  • Significant Rewards: A high-performance score leads to winning the “Stealing the Show” trophy/achievement and the President’s Commendation, affecting character relationships and game progression.

Mastering the Parade Formation in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Recruitment and Preparation

To begin, players need to recruit all ten units of the Seventh Infantry found in various locations around Junon, including bars, shops, and other key points in the city. Recruiting all units is essential to unlock the maximum number of options for your parade formation​​.

Optimal Parade Formation

The best formation for winning both the presidential commendation and the audience’s vote consists of positioning two Grenadiers, two Riot Troopers, and one Flametrooper in a specific sequence. This setup, known as the Ramuh, Shiva, and Bahamut formations, is designed to deliver three-star performances that captivate and impress​​.

Execution for High Scores

The parade turns into a rhythm-based mini-game where players must press buttons in accordance with visual and musical cues. To achieve high scores and win awards, players should focus on correctly executing three types of actions – tapping, holding, and rapid tapping – in response to different colored prompts. This section does not demand perfection, but a ‘good enough’ performance will suffice to win both awards​​.

Reward System

  • In-Game and Meta Rewards: Achieving high scores in the parade not only grants in-game commendations and affects narrative elements but also rewards players with trophies/achievements, marking their accomplishment on a platform level. This dual reward system adds an extra layer of incentive for players to master this segment​​.
  • Character Relationship Dynamics: The parade’s outcome also influences character dynamics, particularly affecting relationships with Tifa and Aerith. This highlights the parade’s significance beyond a mere gameplay challenge, integrating it into the broader narrative and character development arcs​​.

Achieving a high score not only garners the “Stealing the Show” trophy but also wins the President’s Commendation. These accomplishments deepen relationships with key characters, such as Tifa and Aerith, playing a crucial role in the FF7 Rebirth Romance and Gold Saucer Date subplot​​.

The Junon Parade in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers a unique blend of strategy, rhythm, and player engagement, culminating in a sequence that is both challenging and rewarding. By carefully recruiting troops, selecting the optimal formation, and mastering the performance mechanics, players can achieve a standout parade presentation that impacts the game’s narrative and character dynamics. This guide should serve as a comprehensive roadmap for those looking to excel in one of the game’s most memorable segments.