Mark Zuckerberg introduced an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant system named Jarvis. Interestingly, he developed the product during his spare time. With Jarvis, you will be able to pick and play music, activate lights including visitor recognition. For instance, Jarvis has the capability to decide whether to open the front door.

Codenamed after the virtual assistant in the Iron Man movies, Jarvis could be a new product. In his post on Facebook, Zuckerberg added that he developed the system in 100 hours, which was customized for his own house. He said that the development of Jarvis was a personal challenge for him throughout 2016.

The emergence of Jarvis assumes great importance in the wake of similar virtual assistant gadgets manufactured by Amazon and Google outsell other products such as virtual reality based headsets and drones.

Commenting on the development, Zuckerberg said that creation of Jarvis proved that humanity is both closer and farther off from an AI ground-breaking breakthrough than we imagine. He revealed that computers work very well when it comes to picking patterns such as face recognition. However, it is very difficult to teach them new stuff.

Meanwhile, the Facebook CEO added that in 2016 he worked with natural language, face recognition, speech recognition. However, they are all variants of the same fundamental pattern recognition techniques. By stating the difficulty involved, Zuckerberg said that he would not be able to develop something great even if he spends 1000 hours.

Even though Zuckerberg started the work early 2016, the core modules were developed during November/December 2016. He was able to add a feature which enabled the AI-based assistant to respond to text and voice commands.

The Jarvis will not respond to music, air conditioning, doors, and other systems. The system could also easily recognize visitors with the capability to star toaster.

He asserted the view that the initial development of Jarvis is a sign of positive note and could turn out to be a great foundation for the development of a new product. It remains to be seen as to what Zuckerberg will do with his new baby, Jarvis. Will it appear on the Kickstarter? Let’s see.