VSP Global, one of the leading glasses makers in the world is working on an innovative technology to integrate a full form fitness tracker in your spectacles. The company has partnered with the Centre for Body Computing of USC (University of South California) to launch an academic trial of the upcoming gadget. The Level smart glass is currently undergoing research and development in “The Shop”, which is VSP’s innovation laboratory.

An early prototype of the futuristic wearable was showcased back in 2015. Then, called as Project Genesis it was the first glasses to sports activity tracking technology built into the temple of its optical frame. After that, VSP collaborated with the University of South California to develop the project jointly further with the help of the health technology experts from the Centre for Body Computing of USC.

The test prototype of Level smart glass is now ready and from this month onwards it will be tried by the employees of the University of South California. The testing process will be monitored by the University’s CBC (Centre for Body Computing) in association with Roski Eye Institute of USC.

Each candidate will be given a Level frame along with a smartphone application. The app is specifically designed for accumulating and processing all the data collected by the smart wearable and present them in an attractive format. Every user will get to know about his or her daily activity in details from the app.

The Level smart glasses come with advanced sensors like gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer. These will effectively track the user’s number of steps, amount of calories burned and the duration of each activity. If you misplace, the innovative glasses, there is an option on the app called “Find My Glasses” to help you track it.

The frames of the futuristic glasses are very well designed. They come in three unisex variants which are named after three of the greatest inventors ever in the planet, Nikola Tesla, Hedy Lamarr and Marvin Minsky respectively. A team of professionals from “The Shop” of VSP designed the gorgeous frames jointly which are manufactured by Marchon Eyewear in Italy.

We all know that Google Glasses failed to live up the expectations, although it came with a lot of innovations and even managed to generate a considerable hype in the market. VSP is building its latest smart wear by keeping all these in mind. The company hopes to cancel out the creepiness of the glasses developed by Google by making Level virtually indistinguishable from regular spectacles.