Intex Technologies mobile business head Sanjay Kalirona makes the final exit


Intex Technologies business head Sanjay Kalirona has made the final exit by putting in his resignation papers. Intex is currently sitting at the third spot when it comes to the smartphone market in India and off late, there have been reports regarding the exit of the company’s top executives.

Kalirona’s exit is the latest amongst all and he will leave the company by the mid of this month. According to sources, Kalirona would be joining as the Chief Operating Officer for Zen Mobiles, which is a lesser known rival of Intex technologies.

So far, both the companies in the question have not responded to any of the emailed queries while Kalirona has declined to comment on this news. The senior executive has been working within the IT peripherals of Intex for around 15 years now and in between this long tenure, he managed to squeeze in a year at Akai’s mobile phone division as well.

As aforementioned, Intex is occupying the number 3 spot in the competitive market of smartphones and the company manages a healthy shareholding of 9.2 percent in the quarter end of March. But at the same time, it has witnessed many senior executives leaving the company for not so genuine reasons. For instance, Head of Products, Intex Technologies, Sudhir Kumar left the IT conglomerate and joined as the Chief Executive Officer of one of the major brands of transition holdings from Africa.

So far, Zen Mobiles, which was founded in the year of 2009 is known within the smartphone industry as the pioneer of ‘delivering affordable handsets with advanced technologies’. And the future COO of this company intends to boost the corporate segment in order to exalt the business. Currently, Zen Mobiles settled down to all time rise by 4.1 percent as its current position of closing is INR 86.50.

Currently, Zen Mobiles settled down to all time rise by 4.1 percent as its current position of closing is Rs. 86.50.


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