Intex stepped into the smart wearable market with Fitrist brand and released a few bands under this branding. Fitrist Cardio is a newly released fitness band from Intex which is the most affordable fitness band with a display (that big). The Intex Fitrist Cardio is available for Rs. 1,499 on Amazon so let’s check out if this fitness band worths the money or you should buy a branded and expensive one.


The packaging is pretty much straightforward; you get the Fitrist cardio band itself, a USB charger (not magnetic, clip-on) and an instruction manual. The design of the band is similar to all other bands on the market except for the bump under the band for sensors. You usually don’t see that much bigger bump for sensors on the band.


Well, it was (the bump) looking uncomfortable but it’s not problematic after wearing the band. It fits nicely on the wrist, the straps are rubbery and quite sturdy too, these straps are also sweatproof so they are not going anywhere. Although, if you ever wanted to change the straps then it might get tricky because the straps have screws, no easy-open locks.

The display is good and bright, you can see every detail very clearly even in the sun. The only problem is that the display shows data in landscape mode and you have to twist your wrist to take a good look at the data. The display is 0.86 inches and below that is a touch capacitive button to navigate around the user interface.

The Intex Fitrist Cardio band is full of features, you can do a lot of tricks with this band. Let’s start with the things it should do as a fitness band; it comes with a pedometer and can count steps really well. Other than that the heart rate sensor is also much accurate, I haven’t seen this accurate HR sensor even on expensive fitness bands.

It also has a music control menu which can control music playing on your phone when connected, you can play pause and skip tracks. One more interesting feature is the camera shutter key to capture pictures remotely on your phone. Well, you only have to use the Intex app to take pictures but at least you can do it now.

It can also notify you about the notifications you receive on your phone, you can turn them on or off using the app. The band stays on and never turns off because there is no button to turn it on or off and the Bluetooth is also always turned on. But that is no problem because the battery backup of Fitrist Cardio is amazing. It can go up to a full week even while connected to the phone using Bluetooth.


Intex Fitrist Cardio is really a good take from Intex in fitness band market, it is well built and works better too. If you are looking for a fitness band with a tight budget then you should go for Fitrist Cardio because it does much more than what other fitness bands do. The one thing which bothers me is that the charger is not magnetic, I think but you can live with that, right?