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Instagram now allows users to share pictures in Landscape and Portrait Modes

Facebook, the leading social interactivity giant, adds different picture shooting modes in Instagram (acquired in 2014 by the company for $1 billion) in order to prevent the deflection of its users to other potent players like Snapchat. It also allows to capture the interest of a large number of advertisers, not only from a set brand but from all of them, with a view to increase the revenue generated by Instagram every year.

Instagram, as supposed by Facebook, has to contest the rising popularity of Snapchat among users and earn a name in the rapidly progressing messaging and social media sharing market.

It’s a cheering time for nearly 300 million of Instagram users who were unsatisfied by its square format and were craving for changes. Now Landscape and Portrait modes have been added, and they won’t have to cut down any of their friends in a large group anymore. All of them will fit in the photo.

As per Debra Aho Williamson, one of the marketing analysts of social media, this step would increase Instagram’s users as well as advertisers. Especially, the advertisers who want people to see more of their ads would see it as a great platform to display their ads.

The eMarket analysts come up with an estimation of around $600 million revenue that Instagram is likely to generate with advertising by the end of this year and by 2017 it is conjectured to reach 2.8 billion.

While Facebook itself generated in 2014, over $12 billion revenue. Plus, this Monday, as many as 1 billion users were reported to be using the website.

The new format, the recently launched landscape option of Instagram was used and promoted by Walt Disney Co. to showcase exclusive footage of their impending film “Star Wars, The Force Awakens”.

Facebook is moving with a vision to progress more and more in future. Hopefully, the step taken by it to enhance the Instagram would take it a long way ahead and earn it even more users and advertisers as envisioned by it.


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