Today a large part of the world almost entirely revolves around smart devices. Developing for the benefit of users, smart devices have been constantly expanding their domain, and now they have reached the human feet. An Indian startup in the US called Boltt, has come up with a ‘smart-shoe’. It claims to improve running and fitness standards scientifically, by giving real-time feedback to the users.

CEO and founder of Boltt, Arnav Kishore introduced a range of smart bands, the shoe pad sensor along with a pair of wireless headsets at the Tech Disrupt event held in the Silicon Valley.

Combining advanced fitness wearables with the functions of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Health Coach, the products deliver a connected solution to fitness that accelerates the quality of life for users.

Garmin, a world pioneer in wearables, is also a partner of Boltt. The company announced that the pre-orders will be open from October. The month of November will see the commercial rollouts through credible e-commerce partners and offline experience centers. The initial launch will be across 13 countries, possibly including India. Kishore also revealed the following plans for the innovation:

Analytics: This could turn into a platform that enhances performances in sports like running, football etc. by providing unchartered data to coaches and athletes.

Corporate wellness: The plan is to get into corporate plans of companies that encourage employees to stay physically fit.

Smart PE: Integrating a general interest towards technology for youngsters with physical sports.

Group fitness: It has the potential for trainers to monitor the fitness levels of a group collectively.

The idea of integrating fitness with sports may not be new, but the approach is novel. The AI footwear is a likely game changer in the area of fitness wearables. It will be interesting to see how far it goes in achieving the company goals.