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Here’s what Asus Laptops should come Integrated with for Improved Efficiency

Asus is a highly successful and recommended brand when it comes to selling laptops for varied purposes. Some of these devices are customized for students, while others are more suited to the corporate crowd. Still, others serve as the perfect gaming devices, enabling users to gain enhanced experiences when using them for new-age games at high fidelity.

Asus laptop price also tends to be competitive in most cases. Still, these devices’ users may experience certain brand-exclusive flaws that hinder providing the best customer experiences. It is better to learn of such issues before buying Asus laptops so that one can be informed of their strengths and weaknesses.

What are some of the drawbacks of Asus laptops?

Listed below are some areas in which Asus laptops can improve –

  • Asus updates its line-up too soon

While not an issue with the laptops themselves, Asus is too quick to bring newer and updated models to the store. Thus, only a couple of months after buying a device from the brand, you will notice a better variant at more affordable rates.

It often leads to buyers’ remorse, making consumers feel that they should have waited a few months more to get a better deal.

Whether it is for a laptop under Rs. 30,000 or for higher-priced products, Asus should launch updated variants after a year or more of its latest launches. It is also a strategy followed by several of the company’s competitors.

  • Low battery life

In most cases, the specs and features of such a device justify the Asus laptop price. However, these computers are lacking in one crucial aspect – battery life and longevity. Most laptop users looking for a decent battery backup in their devices, ranging between 6-8 hours. However, Asus’s product line includes very few laptops that can match this battery specification.

Its gaming laptops can last barely for 4 hours in a few instances on battery power alone. Thus, if you buy an Asus laptop, ensure that you are near a power outlet at all times.

  • Build quality can be better

Although these laptops are not too delicate, they can be sturdier and more durable. Asus’s competitors may offer better build quality in some of their products when compared to the former. Therefore, individuals looking for a portable computer with the ability to avoid wear and tear should consider it again before opting for laptops under Rs. 30,000.

Another area where Asus can improve significantly is its customer service. Doing so should ensure consumer satisfaction every time they need to deal with a manufacturer representative. Since laptops are involved with office work and other important activities, any malfunction to these devices can leave one stranded.

Quality customer service will, therefore, help one acquire the kind of assistance he/she requires, accelerating the repair procedure significantly.

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Apart from the Asus laptop price, other areas where the company’s devices impress include its gaming and video editing performance. Moreover, Asus laptops also ship with certain features, which are unique or exclusive to the brand’s computers. As a customer, you should weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding whether Asus laptops are ideal for your use.