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Health Monitoring now Available in Smartphone with New Biosensor Solution by MediaTek Sensio


MediaTek Inc. recently unveiled the industry’s very first 6-in-1 biosensor which turns any smartphone into a personal health companion for you. The MediaTek Sensio is a biosensor module which a very powerful and advanced health monitoring solution that makes it easy for the device to track all the information related to your heart that includes blood pressure, peripheral oxygen saturation level and so on. The smartphone is the most used device in the recent times which has been targeted by MediaTek Inc. as an embedded module which makes it possible for consumers to monitor and check your physical wellness whenever you feel like.

As explained by Dr. Yenchi Lee, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for MediaTek’s wireless business,” Giving people the power to access their health information with a smartphone is a major step in making the world a healthier place. With our MediaTek Sensio biosensor module and software, developers and device makers have a powerful, embedded health monitoring solution that delivers heart and fitness information in around 60 seconds.”
The MediaTek Sension MT6381 has been designed specifically to help deliver valuable health-related data that consists of optical, electrical as well as processing based components by the use of a comprehensive and module solution. The device manufacturers have designed the device to be flexible enough to embed the module directly into all kinds of smartphones instead of using multiple sensors as it is customizable as well as a compact solution. With the help of MediaTek Sensio, the manufacturers have the ability to develop numerous proprietary applications as well as leverage third-party application along with some developer add-ons. To measure the red as well as infrared light absorption by the user’s fingertips, the module makes use of the light emitting diodes (LEDs) in association with light-sensitive sensors. When you touch the device’s sensors along with the electrodes with the help of your fingertips, the module creates a closed kind of loop from your heart to the biosensor which helps measure the ECG and PPG kind of waveforms. In a time frame of 60 seconds, Sensio delivers the following six key health data points:

• Heart-rate: The MediaTek Sensio module helps measure the heart beats per minute.
• Variability of Heart-Rate: It measures the variation in the time span between consecutive heartbeats.
• Peripheral Oxygen Saturation (SpO2): The total amount of oxygen being carried by the blood is also measured.
• Electrocardiography (ECG): MediaTek Sensio helps measure the overall electrical activities of the heart over a period of time which displays the same in a graphic form.
• Photoplethysmography (PPG): The module helps measure the change in the volume of blood in the system.

The 6-in-1 hardware and software solution consists of optical, electrical as well as processing components which deliver a package of smart health solutions that shall help the users be informed about their own fitness levels to ensure a good overall health.

The features instilled in the MediaTek Sensio MT6381 includes:

• For the purpose of reflective PPG measurement+1-channel ECG analog front-end, the module uses integrated R and IR LEDs.
• The device is handy and compact with a package size of 6.8mm x 4.93 mm x 1.2 mm OLGA 22-pin package
• Total External BOM with 4 caps as well as 2 electrodes
• An I2C/SPI based digital interface
As per reports, the MediaTek Sensio shall be available with the start of early 2018.