Google Hangouts to integrate peer-to-peer (p2p) connections for improved call quality

Google’s Hangouts app has been the topic of concerns for many since quite a time now. Last year, a rumor surfaced on the Internet revealed that Hangouts is catching up on improvements by cutting down on to SMS support.

However, according to the latest report, Hangouts will soon be boasting improved call quality via p2p connections.

Google is evidently working on enhancing call quality and speed on Hangouts, which according to the company is possible by routing both audio and video feeds over a p2p connection when possible.

By this, Google hints that Hangouts will not be using peer-to-peer connection now and then. However, it is expected to hit rest of the platforms i.e. web and iOS as well over the coming weeks.

Interestingly, Google support page sheds some light on what p2p calling means to Hangouts and how it aims at improving call quality. It says that Hangouts will be more efficient by establishing a direct connection between the parties instead of interfering through one of Google’s servers.

“A direct peer-to-peer connection between you and the other person reveals both your IP addresses. With an IP address, it’s possible to approximate your location,” states Google.

This move by the search giant will hopefully turn out to be useful for all those who most of the times choose Skype over Hangouts in frustration. Skype, which initiated p2p integration, last month started hiding IP addresses by default.


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