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Google Adds picture-in-picture video support for Chrome on Android O

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As we know that Android O is still only available for developers and now, Google had added support for Android O’s PiP (Picture in Picture) mode to their Chrome application. Though the feature can only be activated when a video is playing within the Chrome browser in a full-screen mode.

To enable this feature, users need to start playing a movie or a video in full-screen mode. Now to deactivate the PiP mode for Chrome, users can simply reveal the navigation bar with a swipe and then press the home button. This will take users to the home screen while the video is still playing in PiP mode right on your launcher home screen. Furthermore, users can move this windows around and placed the Chrome window wherever they want.

Google chrome PiP


In contrast, if users want to switch to another application while playing the video, users can tap the overview button which will shrink the video into PiP mode and then display the overview page with all of your recent applications. So users find the application they want to switch to while continuing to access the browser video playback.

The picture in picture mode is highly anticipated feature in Google’s Android O operating system. It generally increases the multitasking capabilities of the handset and eases the interface. Earlier, this feature is seen on the application like Google Play music, Duo, and VLC with the latest update. So we’re hoping that Android O stable version will come with this feature which can support other application as well with much more flexibility and refinement.