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Ginger Roll: 3D Arcade Platformer Game for Android & iOS Review

IRF media has released a new adventure game, Ginger Roll: 3D Platformer recently on Google Play store and App store. It’s a motion sensing platformer featuring a little Saif trapped in a ball rolling around countless levels dodging through various obstacles, platforms and enemies. This game is fun to play for hours and doesn’t require a high-end smartphone to run.

Ginger Roll is all about saving the world from malevolent Iblis and his wicked minions. Our hero is a pint-size Saif, who has been captured in a Zorb ball by the evil child genius Iblis. Now you have to help little Saif rolling and dodging your way through various challenges and levels that Iblis set up, you have to stop him from the world domination.

Ginger Roll has over 60 awesome levels which are spread across four different worlds which you can unlock by conquering previous worlds. And while doing this, you have to watch out for Iblis’ minions as they will try to stop you with obstacles no matter what.

Play more to unlock Saif’s friends who will later help you during the game and pass the level. There are also some fancy outfit’s to unlock for little Saif and customize it while rolling inside the levels. As you advance through levels, you’ll automatically get rewards to buy items for Saif.

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  • All you have to tilt your phone to control the ball and make sure you don’t fall off the edge or the game is over. New update; you can now use an on-screen joystick to control the ball.
  • You can record the gameplay and share them with your friends on social media.
  • Get awesome power-ups to turn your zorb ball to a bouncing basketball or indestructible bowling ball.
  • Collect cookies while playing, it helps you to unlock new power-ups, costume and characters. There are outfits like Michael Jackson and Karate outfit.
  • Can you beat the finish the stage in time and before counter hits zero? and fight to defeat Iblis and his minions.

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Bottom Line

Ginger Roll: 3D Platformer is a paid game, available for Rs. 48.56 on Android, $0.99 on App store and on Amazon store too. Ginger Roll is not a high-end game so you can play it easily on your smartphone with 2GB RAM. There are several in-app purchases in Ginger Roll which you can turn off in settings of your device. This game is a must if you played a lot of racing and fps games on your smartphone and need a change in genre.

Download Links: Android | iOS.

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