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First details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaked

When Samsung has just released in the market its Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +, it is time to start looking towards the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The South Korean firm will have many other releases throughout this year, but the Note 9 will be the one that puts the final touch of this generation at the end of the year. And we started to have some details about its technical characteristics, despite the time left for its world premiere.

The information is brought by Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst who has spent years advancing important details about upcoming smartphones. And the first information that has been uncovered has to do with the fingerprint sensor. That component that talked so much in the Galaxy S8 for its location and that with the Note 8 and the S9 has been modified to suit the interests of the consumer. Specifically, Ming-Chi Kuo talks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the possibility of having a biometric sensor under the screen, something that Vivo will do this year.

galaxy s9No, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not have fingerprint sensor under the screen, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

The analyst says that  Samsung has ‘frozen’ the idea of including in a next smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, specifically, the fingerprint sensor under the screen. As we said before, Vivo will be one of the first brands to take the step – but not the only one – and the South Korean manufacturer has reasons to do without it. The experience of use seems the biggest problem, and the ‘compatibility’ of optical technologies, or based on ultrasound, is complicated with basic accessories such as, for example,  screen protectors.

Precisely for that, among some other reasons, Samsung would continue to bet on the Galaxy Note 9 by the traditional fingerprint sensor, as well as intelligent scanning technology as an additional option. This intelligent scanning combines facial recognition with the iris scanner to provide maximum possible security, in addition to optimal operation when there is good and bad ambient lighting, alike.

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