Exclusive Interview with Mr. Sudhir Naidu, Founder & CEO of Troop Messenger

The founder and director of Troop Messenger, having acquired 17+ years of experience in the industry moved on to formulate a new dynamic product named Troop Messenger. Having scaled the journey of graduating from ICFAI and having worked for large enterprises like CitiBank and AT&T, he started his own company “Tvisha Technologies Pvt Ltd.” in India, leveraging systems integration and network Consultancy Company in the endeavour to help enterprises build their digital workplace where there is intensive IT and SW development.

The plethora of experience gained throughout his career accompanied with the inquisitiveness to make a change in the existing communication cycle in workplace, the founder synergized all his energies in the genesis of a breakthrough platform which solved all the workplace concerns. With the foresightedness to create a tool coming with an entourage of one-stop solution serving the purpose of catering the needs of workplace team, Troop Messenger came into existence showcasing the calibre of the founder as it provides instant messaging, conferencing, productivity tools where screen sharing, project scheduling is also facilitated. Moreover, coming with a third-party product app integrator with multi-task functionality depicts the intelligentsia in his personality.

So, here’s how the interaction with Mr. Sudhir went.

  1. What is Troop Messenger?

Troop Messenger is a team collaboration and business communication platform that is compatible with all forms of organizations- be it Startups, Large Enterprises, Defense, or even Government organizations for their internal office work communication and collaboration.

It eases communication challenges that offices face while engaging their staff in performing the duties of an organization. With its availability across mobile, PC, and wide-range of browsers, it makes your workforce connect from all parts of the world digitally.

This collaborative technology platform brings your staff of different hierarchies, locations, and departments onto a single interface to provide streamlined work conversations and better work culture.

  1. How did it start? What is the background of the founder, Sudhir Naidu?

Troop Messenger was first launched as an internal company resource, but this is the affordable solution has grown into a tool for organizations worldwide to enhance teamwork, productivity, and security.

With over 18+ years of experience in the software industry, he moved on to formulate a new dynamic product named Troop Messenger. Having scaled the journey of graduating from ICFAI followed by serving as a Networking Engineer with top-notch corporates in the USA (AT&T), he has incorporated “Tvisha Technologies Pvt Ltd.” in India, leveraging systems integration and network Consultancy Company in the endeavor to help enterprises build their digital workplace where there is intensive IT and SW development.

  1. What is the exclusiveness of Troop Messenger? What all technologies are being used for Troop Messenger?

Troop Messenger’s exclusivity lies in its ability to bring every hierarchy of an organization onto a unified platform, letting all of them work collectively by sharing their work ideas with the other stakeholders of the project.

No other collaboration tool provides plans that are as cost-effective when it comes to global collaborations. It has been designed for every segment of business enterprises to help them receive work updates from across every corner of the globe. We extensively use standard and advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning technologies in this collaborative business messaging software. We’re constantly striving to do better, which is why we have other areas we plan to improve ourselves are cyber security and deep learning.

  1. How’s the response of your clients, being a homegrown brand?

We have been receiving tremendous responses to our Make-in-India product from Pan-India users, which include governments and defense organizations.

  1. You say Troop Messenger is a “one-stop solution for all business communications”, please explain.

Our confidence in Troop Messenger is informed by the fact that we’ve helped boost performance and efficiency in businesses of all forms and sizes by helping them conduct seamless team collaboration with over 150+ enterprise features.

We have explored multiple use cases of how business communications function at workplaces, and accordingly, we have built the features to help the employees of an organization communicate work in messages, audio-video calls, files and media attachments, etc.

With collaboration at the forefront of technology, Troop Messenger has rare time-saving and work-productive features that make employees have a seamless user experience while using the tool.

  1. How is this messaging platform different from other players in the market?

Here are the key takeaways that make Troop Messenger stand out from other players in the market.

  • The value proposition that Troop Messenger delivers to its clients in terms of performance, along with the best collaboration features for cost-effective pricing plans
  • Simple UI with great UX
  • Multiple service offerings of SaaS, on-premise, chat APIs, and custom apps
  • Troop Messenger works in Air-Gapped networks where the users who belong to these networks have access to all its features of it without the need for the internet.

The reason for choosing Troop Messenger over other big-named tools is its unmatched security, productivity, and unique work collaboration features, which allow users of all sizes of businesses to have uninterrupted work communication.

  1. How have been the last 2 years during the pandemic for Troop?

As remote teams’ collaboration has risen phenomenally during the pandemic times, Troop Messenger has explored new horizons of business from all parts of the world.

  1. What’s the vision of the company, where do you see it after 10 years?

We would want to be identified among top leaders in the Collaboration space and expect to become a Unicorn and take it to the public by 2025.

We thank Mr. Sudhir for taking out the time and sit with us for the interview!

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