Evidson Audio Wear B2 Review: Affordable earphones with rich bass!

Evidson has released a new earphones series; Audio Wear, this series is all about a decent bass and great sound at affordable price. The one we got here for the review from this series is the Audio Wear B2 which Evidson claims to deliver bass-driven stereo sound. Let’s check them out and find out if these are the best earphones for your needs.

Unboxing and Design

Evidson Audio Wear B2 comes in a nice plastic box which contains the earphones and three silicone ear tips including one soft foam tips for comfortable fit. The silicon tips are durable and last longer than the foam tips, and I haven’t used these foam tips as my earphone’s primary tips. The design of the earphones is not much appealing, but I have to say that the build quality is fantastic.

Evidson Audiowear B2 3

The earbuds casing is made of some metal and is heavier than others which come with plastic casing. The cable is braided and then covered with plastic, it feels sturdy, and it seems that it can take a lot of strain. Also it’s tangle-free so you can put them into your pocket without any case or pouch. The 3.5 mm plug is gold plated and bigger than it should be, but it’s good as it is not angled.


If we talk about comfort the bullets earphones are always comfortable, but Evidson Audio Wear B2 comes with a metal casing on the buds. It falls on the ears while moving or if the buds are loose in the ears. Otherwise, the experience is comfortable and fits perfectly into the ears. You can use it for long hours (which is not recommended) without hurting your ears. If you are metal or rock lover then these earphones will pierce your ear with loudness.

Evidson Audiowear B2 2

Evidson Audio Wear B2 is equipped with the 9.2 mm dynamic drivers with neodymium magnets for the rich bass. The earphones deliver rich bass without hurting the ears, or we can say it’s perfect. The clarity of the music is not up to the mark, when listening to loud music in high volume, the highs in the music start to pierce the ears. The mid are perfect though, and lows are pretty clear which makes watching movies great.


  • Rich bass
  • Sturdy build quality


  • The earbuds are a bit heavy

Evidson Audiowear B2 1


The overall experience of Evidson Audio Wear B2 is quite satisfying and also the build quality is fantastic. These earphones are perfect for blues and hip-hop. There are lots of earphones brands better than Evidson Audio Wear B2 which I used, but they are a lot more expensive than these. You can buy these earphones for Rs. 1,199 from Amazon.


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