Evidson Audio launched its Sport W6 earphones on May 12, in New Delhi. This set is an attempt at a combination of style and performance, as is the case with most others in the sports range. The design is aimed at creating a tangle free experience and easy mobility.

It comes with five pairs of silicone ear tips ranging from small to large sizes. The bi-flange and tri-flange tips provide an enhanced noise cancellation.

Yes, they do come with a built-in mic for taking calls and are available in black, white and pink. The online price listed on Flipkart and Amazon is Rs. 1299.

Given the price range, one cannot expect much from the product. But it does promise a lot more than just good noise cancellation. A Bluetooth version certainly makes things better. It does sound like an ear full of fit music for all the fitness enthusiasts.

In comparison to its competition and perhaps the best in the league of sports earphones, Sennheiser offers a complete sports design in its earphones.

The Adidas collection was quite a revelation. The collection fulfilled a sports accessory’s point quite adequately. The market hasn’t seen any range doing justice to its purpose as well as them.

It will be some story if Evidson has managed to top Sennheiser here. We just have to wait and watch.