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How to effectively clean a touchscreen without harming the display

It’s completely out of concern whether you’re using a mobile, tablet, laptop, MP3 player, or simply all of them. As long as the device you’re using has a touchscreen, you need to keep it clean, smooth and functional. But the question arrives, how? We’ll walk you through some of the best and easy techniques to clean your gadget’s touchscreen.

Before you get going with the cleaning process, make sure to have a microfibre cloth with you. The reason we recommend microfibre cloth is its ability to wick moisture away from the surface of the touchscreen, without leaving any extra smudges and scratches.


Microfibre cloth is easy to identify. It’s the same piece of cloth that you make use of to clean your sunglasses. The price of such cloth may be different with different sellers and products. Most of the times, company recommendations play an important part in decision-making.

Scan through the product catalogs of e-commerce websites or other exciting deal websites where you can get one for you. You can also look around local sellers.

Before you start the cleaning procedure, make sure to power the device off. However, it’s not a mandatory step to perform. But we’d strongly suggest you to turn the gadget off unless you want to make those unintentional phone calls. (Oops… I was not calling you, but maybe moisture was).

Slowly brush the screen in small circles using the microfibre cloth. Make sure to hold the screen properly from the back, in case you’re using a monitor or a laptop. Don’t put too much pressure on the screen. Otherwise, you will end up breaking the glass or internal grids of the screen panel.

Always read the company instructions before cleaning the screen, as sometimes it’s recommended to make the cloth slightly damp. If dampening is required, make sure to use a distilled water or a cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning touch screens.


Never apply detergent based cleaners directly on the screen of gadgets unless you’re using a screen guard. You should avoid using detergent based cleaners as they contain hard chemicals that can leave permanent scratches/spots on the screen.

If your screen has become damp, use the dry microfiber cloth to wipe the distilled water or a cleaner away.

When it comes to washing the microfiber cloth itself, soak the cloth in warm water with a bit of soap in it. Once done, scrub the cloth lightly and carefully. Don’t scrub it too hard. Otherwise, you will end up tearing the cloth apart.

clean screen

In the wake of soaking, abstain from squeezing out extra water out of the cloth. In case you’re in a rush, you may need to blow dry it. Try not to wash any screens with the material until it becomes dry or plane.

You can also make use of a hand sanitizer while cleaning the screen. Before you start any doing it, all you need is a clean paper towel and a hand sanitizer. Simply pour a few drops of hand sanitizer onto the paper towel. Now slowly brush the screen in small circles, as you did with a microfibre cloth.

At last, you may once again need to make use of a microfibre cloth to remove smudges out of the screen (if any).

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