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How to download Pokemon Go, Spotify and other geo-restricted apps on iPhone in India

install pokemon go on iphone india

The apps available inside your iPhone app store are categorized based on your current location. For example, you will not be able to download install apps such as Pokemon Go and Spotify Music in India with your default settings. This is because the game is currently available only in the United States and other select countries. Similarly, there are apps which are listed in the US global store and not available in India. If you are in the UK, you will not view the apps available in India. In this article, we will examine how you can install geo-locked or geo-restricted iPhone apps which are not available in your country.

Pick your region

Firstly, you need to navigate to the app store by tapping the icon on your iPhone. You need to scroll down the store, tap on the Apple ID and sign out. Tap on the Settings icon and select General option. You need to choose the Language & Region option and select Region from the displayed page. You need to locate the country listed on the region page. You need to select the country and select Done from the top right-hand side. As soon as you finish this process, your iPhone will automatically set this region.

Specific app not available in your region

If you visit the Safari browser and search for an app, the browser will display the list of apps. However, you will not be able to install them. You will view a dialog with the message “Item Not Available”. This means that the app you are searching is currently not available in Indian store but is available in the US store. You need to select “Change Store” option.

Register for a new Apple ID

When the app you searched opens up, you should try to install it by selecting the Get button. You will be prompted to sign in using your Apple ID. Since your existing Apple ID is tied to India store, you need to register for a new Apple ID for the US store. You need to select the country where the app you are attempting to download is available. Apple will display the privacy policy page, and you need to select Agree option.

Email verification

After that, you should create a new Apple ID by providing the required details. You should select payment mode as None and provide a random billing address. Apple will send you an e-mail for you to verify the email id. You can complete this process from within your iPhone.

Installation of new App from a different region

If you attempt to install an App, you will be prompted to provide your Apple ID password. The relevant app will be installed automatically, and you can open the app from within the iPhone.

In this way, you can install any geo-locked or geo-restricted apps, which are not available in India. Even if you are not in India, you can install specific apps from any Apple store worldwide.

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