Cyanogen 12.1 Android 5.1 OS OTA update for YU Yureka and Yureka Plus now available to download

The YU Yureka and YU Yureka Plus users can now finally try the CyanogenMod 12.1 OS that is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. This rollout came five months after the promised time that CyanogenMod had said it would provide the update.

After announcing the rollout for the YU Yureka and YU Yureka Plus smartphone, Yu Televentures confirmed that YOG4PAS3JM is the official build number. This update will be available via OTA (Over-the-Air) updates.

The update will be done in a phased matter and is supposed to take a total of 2 weeks for completion. Here are few new functionalities the Yu users will get with this update.

Live Display

Live display feature has been added to the new update. This adds dynamic synchronization to the screen of the phone, enabling it to adjust according to the ambient lighting. This is a good addition as it enables night reading mode that is especially essential for the people who use their phones for reading purposes. This mode enables a filter that makes the colours more yellow/blue in tint and increase readability, decreasing the overall stress that comes to the eyes.

Calendar integrated with emails

This feature has great use to the people who have great scheduling requirements. With this integration, the appointments and scheduled activities will be added automatically to the calendar. This integration also makes it easier for the user to share availability.

Revamped Launcher

Modifications are made to the app drawer and folders. One-handed operations are now easier to these customizations.

Audio FX UI Updated

An overall improvement is made to increase overall consistency throughout the device. The new UI, changes have been made to give improved audio experience to the lovers of good music.

Thermal Control

Apart from generally known bugs, new features like customized thermal flow have also been added in this updated.

Yu also confirmed that the users can expect the latest CyanogenMod 12.1 update with their new YU Yuphoria devices.

Update: In the comments, many of the YU Yureka and Yureka Plus users seem to be facing issues with Cyanogen 12.1 update. According to some of our readers, upgrading to Cyanogen 12.1 crashes the UI very frequently and things stop working all of a sudden. We reached out to YU team on these issues, and we are told that the testing team is looking at all the issues raised. We will update this article as soon as we hear anything from the company. Those who are facing issues upgrading to Cyanogen 12.1 should refer this official post on YU Forum, which could help them with the right steps to flash the update.


  1. Currently i’m using cyanogen version 11.0, so can i update it to 12.1 without updating it to C. Version 12.0. Is that possible? Rply soon…

  2. I updated my YU yureka plus with latest one on 7.11.15 but it could not get through. I was reaching to recovery stage while updating. Then I made a complain to YU user customercare and thereafter it is showing it is updated but infact updation is not taken place. But before this it was popping up for update. Request to look into the matter.

  3. I have updated my phone with Cyanogen 12.1 Android 5.1 OS OTA update It took 45 mins to get it installed on my device and overall look and feel is good. After the update when I started exploring it my phone is greeting crashed all the time and it’s quite frequent , request you all yo please let me know what to do or is there any way to revert the update , its really very annoying.

  4. After updating my contacts are not showing and I am unable to use my contacts last dialles, missed and received calls listing.

    Please suggest solution..

  5. Why am I not receiving automatic update notification to 12.1 in yureka plus.
    When I tried to install it manually it fail saying bla bla….

    Please help me to get this new update..

  6. Dear guys I suggest not to update to the 12.1 version as it’s terrible and also the system UI crash’s very soo . The older version didn’t have any such problems I doubt that they have fixed the Bugs.

  7. The update sucks. The screen goes black every 2 minutes and the phone get locked. Not using my YU yureka now till I get a fix. Terrible.

  8. Ui crashing very frequently, if you on data connection, swapping between apps, opening b/w apps, ui is crashing, and resets every time, wallpapers are reseted. It is very annoying and irritating.

  9. Hi Dev, thanks for bringing this to our notice. We’ve alerted our tech team and this will be taken care of.

  10. Hi Sid, thanks for bringing this to our notice. We’ve alerted our tech team and this will be taken care of.

  11. Hi Prashant, thanks for bringing this to our notice. We’ve alerted our tech team and this will be taken care of.

  12. We have already raised these issues to YU team and will let you know as soon as we hear anything from the company.

  13. This problem is getting more serious. Unable to use the device as the screen goes black and phone gets locked in 5 seconds.

  14. I am also facing this UI crashing issue. happens very frequently. consistently happens on switching on wifi. atleast ten times per day it crashes and screen goes blank for 5 seconds and then lock screen comes. let me know if you need any logs or screenshot etc to help you fix the issue.


  15. Hi,yu yureka 5.1.1 update automatically remove ,How can get update notification again & i was write a mail two times to but very poor service provider yureka no response . I hate this all yu devices…..

  16. Ui crashing very frequently, if you on data connection, swapping between apps, opening b/w apps, ui is crashing, and resets every time. The running app suddenly stops and closed. It is very annoying and irritating. Please help to the issue ASAP

  17. I am getting sudden crash problems after updating with 5.0.1 and cyanogen 12.1. What can be the solution??

  18. Recently updated to version 12.1 and since then UI is crashing very 2 mins, making impossible and frustrating to do any thing.

    Needs resolution ASAP, It’s driving me crazy

  19. After update there are many issues are happening with my yureka as the screen go blank after any app opening or after receiving any mail or msg or any notification and its battery is going drain very quickly

  20. The screen of my yureka plus is going blank every minute and everytime showing the lock screen after waking up at 5-10 secs of blank screen.

    A pathetic pathetic product, not even a month has passed on purchase date.

  21. I updated 5.1.1 n after this my phone just goes blank after a while and the wallpaper appears then ..things black out while i m working on the phone or using app…solve this

  22. This UI crashing is a pain. When I bought teh first Yureka I was amazed, so I bought another one for my wife. But this UI crashing has pissed me off. I am not recommending this phone to anyone.

  23. such a annoying update..poor battery backup and sudden blackening of screen..its very annoying…clear this problem or giv new and better update

  24. Latest cynogen os updated in Nov 15, I am facing a lot of issue’s mobile restarts, UI problem when I am browsing looking something in apps like paytm, filpkart. Mobile get lock and not able see screen. and Google player after playing of 3-4 songs music player has a problem message coming. My Mobile yureka.

  25. I had updated my yureka plus from 5.0 to 5.1 . but after all this my phone gets crashed. And my contacts are also not shown on this..
    Please reply me soon or I will make case on the company..!

  26. My screen goes blank for 2-3sec while usiny any application and come back to normal again
    And I have too unlock my phone every time it happens.


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