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China welcomes Stephen Hawking on Weibo

Prof. Stephen Hawking on Weibo

British astrophysicist, Prof Stephen Hawking got an overwhelming welcome from Chinese net users on joining Sina Weibo microblog website. The renowned scientist amassed two million followers in just a few hours of opening an account on the Chinese social media website.

His first message was a welcome to his companions in China posted in both English and Chinese. Some Weibo clients were contrasting the experience of collaborating with Prof Hawking online to reaching the universe. More than 230 million people use Sina Weibo each month.

A huge number of renowned personalities have joined Weibo to associate with the Chinese audience. Prof Hawking’s second post depicted the interstellar undertaking Breakthrough Starshot, which he is supporting, saying it was energizing to be included in such an aggressive task.

In his physical ventures, he has just possessed the capacity to touch the surface of the interesting history and society, he wrote to the Chinese netizens. He said he was overwhelmed to get a chance to speak the Chinese people through online networking. The scientist also said that he would share more about his life and work through this page.

He additionally clarified that he went to China in 1985, and had last been in the capital in 2006 for a science meeting. Prof Hawking has appreciated a considerable following in China, with a Xinhua article on his last visit in 2006 noticing he has a clique status among Chinese adolescents much like that of Tom Cruise.

The advance of Hawking generally originates from his capacity to be an incredible mastermind regardless of his physical difficulties, the article said.

China holds scientific and scholarly accomplishment in high respect, and the hashtag #Hawking Opens a Weibo# was one of the main three trending posts on the microblog. The post was seen more than 12 million times by the evening.

The Chinese authorities work an arrangement of strict online control that obstructs various outside sites and informal communities including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Weibo users welcomed Hawking’s entry with much fervor and many wrote that they hoped unnecessary comments and questions won’t be put up by the followers.