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Cellular Data usage and IoT devices on the rise among youngsters, says Ericsson Mobility report


According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, teenagers are the largest consumers of mobile or Wi-Fi data, and they use it mostly for video streaming. The usage of cellular data among them is increased by 127% over the course of 15 months in 2014-15.

A recent survey also indicated that the Internet of Things is likely to take over mobile phones as the largest category of interconnected devices by the year 2018. However, current mobile phone technology remains to be the biggest contributors to this industry at the moment.

IoT is an ecosystem of computing devices, digital and mechanical machines and objects with unique identifiers, which allow a seamless transfer of data without any human monitoring. This is as close to artificial intelligence that commonly available technology has gotten.

Predictions state that between 2015 and 2021, IoT will grow by 23% each year and will overtake mobile phones by the year 2018. With the imminent commercial deployment of 5G networks will provide enough advantages that is pivotal for IoT to function. This technology will come in handy to monitor usage for development when cell phone subscriptions double up by 2021.

There has been a substantial growth of mobile technology in a relatively short period, with 5 billion “unique users” across the world. However, mobile phones serve as just one of the means for IoT to operate, apart from computers and other smart devices. Internet connectivity here is of considerable significance, as it is the only medium that facilitates a mass connectivity at this level.

In a country like India where the population of age group 15-30 is one of the highest in the world, IoT will serve as a medium for efficient management in an ever-growing economy.

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