Home News Be careful! iOS 10.1.1 update is draining battery on some iPhones

Be careful! iOS 10.1.1 update is draining battery on some iPhones

ios 10.1.1 iPhone battery drain

Apple recently released iOS 10.1.1 with several enhancements and bug fixes. According to recently published report on PCMag, the iOS 10.1.1 is unexpectedly draining iPhone batteries.

After the installation of the update, customers started discussions on the Apple official support site. The post reveals that iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S handsets are not providing sufficient backup for one day without charging. Moreover, there are reports that iPhones are killing themselves with 30% to 50% charge left in them.

Last week, Apple agreed to replace problematic batteries on a select number of iPhone 6s handsets. Even though iOS 10.1.1 update solves the problem to a great extent, many customers are not running the update on their handsets.


The beta program is currently offering iOS 10.2, while few other users have decided to roll back to a previously released stable iOS version. However, the rollback is not helping in any manner.

The iPhone is a premium flagship handset. Hence, the phone will consume battery during usage. The main reason for the malfunction of iPhone is due to the overheating. As a result of heavy heat, your iPhone will have an adverse effect on the performance and battery life. Moreover, synchronization of mailboxes can also drain batteries to a large extent. If you work with social media, you need to close them when you are not accessing them.

Industry analysts are of the opinion that the dust inside the lightning port will also be the main reason for the battery problem. As a result of dust, the charger will not establish connectivity with the cable. This will impact charging. However, you can avoid battery problem if you maintain your iPhone properly by keeping in dust free environment.