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Bose Corporation sued for illegal data mining

Known for some of the best audio devices ever made, Bose is now being sued by a US citizen named Kyle Zak for spying on listeners. The class action lawsuit says that the company uses its Bose Connect app to gather data on songs listened to, duration and time.

The app is primarily used by bluetooth device users to pair and connect their Bose devices to their smartphones/tablets.

The lawsuit states that the app collects the said data and a PIC (personal identifier code) and is sent to a data mining firm Segment.io. The firm clearly states that the data can be used by it for any purpose.

Zak bought Bose’s QuietComfort bluetooth headphones for $350 in March and downloaded the app subsequently to use the device. He claims that he never gave the app any consent to extract such data and use it.

Zak isn’t only suing to stop the data collection, but also for millions of dollars.

Bose has refused to make any statement on this matter. Therefore there is no way of knowing what their course of action is or will be.

The case is labelled Zak v Bose Corp, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, No. 17-02928.


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