India happens to be one of the most polluted countries, and it is at the threshold of industrial revolution. To achieve this, it will need power and hence will be building a slew of projects of coal-based power plants which will further cause an increase in greenhouse gasses.

The air we are breathing is a toxic mixture of pollutants which can cause respiratory ailments like asthma, COPD, cancer and death. The last few years have seen a steep increase in the incidence of respiratory ailments which are linked to increased air pollution.
Keeping this in mind, Blue Air has launched for the first time an intelligent, indoor air monitoring and air purification system in Mumbai.

Did you know that the air we are breathing now could cause lung diseases, stroke, respiratory diseases like COPD, asthma, cancer and even death in some cases?

Blueair claims that it’s intelligent air purifying system is capable of detecting and combating airborne germ, chemical, smoke and other particle attacks.

Elaborating on the Sense+ system, Blueair founder and CEO Bengt Rittri said that Sense+ can purify the air up to 200 feet in every 12 minutes. The air purifier uses the wireless technology to receive information being collected by remote Blueair Aware air quality monitor on the Blueair Friend app.

The consumer can fully control the air they breathe with the help of “Blueair’s Sense+, Aware air quality monitor and Blueair Friend app,”

Blueair’s Sense+ system is useful to both homes and the businesses alike. It can scrub out from the air, allergens, chemicals and outdoor pollutants also. It will create safer indoor havens. The biggest threat facing the world today is air pollution.