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5 best USB Type-C Flash Drives available online

Since the introduction of USB Type-C on Google Chromebook pixel and MacBook, the technology has spread rapidly and now lots of smartphones use this technology for connectivity. The USB Type-C is mainly focused on increased speed and you can connect it either way like Apple’s lightning connector. Here we are listing the best USB Type-C flash drives you can buy.

1. SanDisk 32 GB Flash Drive Type-C:

SanDisk is always first for an innovation in technology and keeping that thing alive, SanDisk introduces a USB OTG drive for smartphones with USB Type-C port. This flash drive is made of plastic with a USB Type-A connector on one side and Type-C on another. With USB 3.0 interface, you will get a fast read and write speed.

Brand SanDisk
Product Dimensions 4.3 x 1.9 x 1.3 cm
Weight 45 Grams
Price Rs. 3,099 for 32 GB

2. Sony 64 GB Type-C flash drive:

Sony 64 GB Type-C USB drive is metallic-looking USB drive comes with silicon cover included in the package. The drive is pretty small in size with a better metal build and Type-C connector. This USB drive comes in only 64 GB version only but it is a bit costly for what it’s offering.

Brand Sony
Product Dimensions 8.5 x 0.9 x 13.5 cm
Weight 14 g
Price Rs. 4,955 for 64GB

3. Eaget CU10 Type-C:

Eaget CU10 Type-C USB drive is the stiffest USB OTG Type-C USB drive. By design. The USB drive is shockproof and waterproof and also comes with a keyring to attach your keys to it. The USB Type-C connector comes with a protective cap on to protect it from dust and water. The Read and write speed of this drive is low even the drive is USB 3.0.

Brand Eaget
Product Dimensions 5.1 x 1.8 x 0.9 cm
Weight 5 g
Price Rs. 2,124 for 16 GB

4. Transcend JetFlash JF890s:

Transcend JetFlash JF890s had a simple design with a cap on USB Type-C connector and you can shift the cap to USB Type-A if you are using Type-C and vice versa. This USB drive comes in two variants- 32 GB and 64 GB with USB 3.0/3.1 interface, which will give you incredibly fast read and write speed.

Brand Transcend
Product Dimensions 2.9 x 0.9 x 1.4 cm
Weight 18 g
Price Rs. 2,449 for 32 GB
Rs. 3,699 for 64 GB

5. Kingston DT Micro Duo Type-C OTG:

Kingston DT Micro Duo welcomes Type-C USB drive in the family and looks much more like the DT micro duo OTG version, this one is also metal design with the turnable cap on the USB Type-C connector. The drive interface is USB 3.0 but still the read and write speed is a bit low.

Brand Kingston
Product Dimensions 3 x 1.7 x 0.8 cm
Weight 5 g
Price Rs. 2,742 for 64 GB


Although USB Type-C is just a beginning but soon it’s going to capture the tech world and you’ll see USB Type-C port on your every gadget. So, it’s good to stay prepared and buy one of the USB Type-C USB drive. These were the best USB drives in the Type-C world and the best one which I will suggest you to buy is Eaget CU 10 type C because this USB drive is waterproof and shockproof.