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Best Technology YouTube channels every tech nerds should subscribe

Science works hand in hand with technology to create wonders. After the famous Science Channels, we are up again with the top technology YouTube channels that all tech freaks would surely love. These channels are an excellent medium for imparting tech-related knowledge to the audiences globally. YouTube is considered to be King of online media and through this platform, you can easily reach masses for representing your views. So all Tech savvy people around the globe, have a look at what YouTube have in its basket for you guys.

1. CNET:

CNET is one of the most trusted and famous websites offering all technology related information. You can catch up all the technology news, reviews to new launches and many more tech related stuff here. The best and most loved part is the videos that are streamed illustrating visual demos. These visual clips are regularly updated including vast lines of tech subjects. There are Tech shows that are conducted on a daily basis, battles between different products are conducted, and lastly, the Top 5’s are listed. The entire process is carried out in a very systematic and professional manner.

2. Mashable:


Mashable is another popular technology YouTube channel, having a large fan base. This channel focuses more on news and features rather than on reviews and downloads. The video channel is constantly updated with mainstream news reports, news bytes, unboxing of new products launched and much more stuff. All the information is broadcasted in a professional manner. So you are planning to buy a new gadget, you can easily fetch information about the latest product launches here.

3. Computer World:

It is another very popular Technology Magazine as well as a website that features all Technology related stuff in a beautiful manner. This channel features technology news, new tech product launches, and its features. This channel keeps track of all the happenings in the Tech industry and updates the audience on a daily and weekly basis. The unique thing about this channel is that it shares reviews direct from the horse’s mouth, which are the big shots of the Tech industry. These tech shots directly share their thoughts and reviews about the tech whereabouts. Video clips of Technology Conferences and conventions conducted around the globe are also broadcasted here.

4. TechnoBuffalo:

It is slow and steady emerging technology website not as popular as the above-mentioned channels. The founder of this channel was John Rettinger who was considered to be a complete technology freak. His very famous clips would include ‘Rettinger’s Rants’. His channel comprises of video clips depicting his expert comments and reviews about new product launches to what is next coming up in the technology industry.

5. Lifehacker:

This website offers life hacks, what you can get most out of Technology. This channel focuses on exploring the unexplored. It talks more about out of the box features which no other channel does. This channel includes clips on diverse subjects, but their prime focus is entirely on Technology. Their small bits of advice and tech tips are worth noticing and sharing. Let us hack our lives with technology.

6. Eli The Computer Guy:

Eli is a complete technology geek and has shared over 3 million video shares through his channel. He is regarded as a web celebrity featuring a huge amount of content on a daily basis. His videos represent his medium of choice and reviews about the various technological inventions. He lays more focus on his comments and gives reviews after using the product. His channel comprises of around forty thousand subscribers, which is a commendable number.

7. Chris Pirillo:

He is one of the most famous individual video casters available online so far. He has been running his channel since 1996. He is available on various online portals apart from YouTube. Since YouTube reach masses, he planned to start his individual Tech Channel. His channels would give you insights about tech gadgets in an understandable way. Even a layman not belonging to tech field would also be able to understand the pros and cons of a gadget. His channel comprises of more than two lakh subscribers and over 144 million video views streaming worldwide.

8. SoldierKnowsBest:

This technology YouTube Channel is run by Mark Watson, a former Army soldier. Watson loves Apple products and shares his expert comments about Hardware reviews and unboxing the mainstay. His channel comprises of over 100 million video views and around 4 lakh subscribers.

9. PCWizKid:

This technology channel talks about in-depth components of technology that is the under hood of your gadget. It even demonstrates step-by-step tutorials of unboxing the smartphone, smartwatch or any other gadget. Well if you wish to have detailed insight of tech products, this is the channel to follow over. With over 67,000 subscribers and over 27 million video views this channel is running successfully.

10. Google Tech Talks:

It is a grass root program initiated at Google that aims to share interesting information with the wide tech community around the globe. The content of this YouTube channel is phenomenal with experts lecturing and having group discussions on various tech-related topics. A worth full initiative taken by Google for the Tech lovers sitting around the globe. This channel is a must watch.

11. iGyaan:

This tech channel was inaugurated on 19 June 2010 and is running successfully with around 2.5 lakh subscribers. Started by IILM alumni, Bharat Nagpal the channel has astonishing 70 million views. iGyaan has also launched online tech magazine on 7th June 2010. This tech channel aims to provide its audience a unique visual experience. You can even find the reviews of latest gadgets introduced in the market.

12. Fonearena:

This channel was founded in March 2009 by Varun Krishnan. Crossing over 30 million reviews this channel is running successfully on Youtube. Through Fonearena channel you can easily see and review the devices. You may find all tech information under this channel like OnePlus 3 unboxing and reviews, new phone launches, teardown videos and many more.

13. PC-Tablet:

PC-Tablet is emerging fast as an online news media publication portal. The channel provides instantaneous coverage of latest technology market trends. You can find even small pieces of tech information here. The channel is equipped with all sorts of breaking news stories, rumors, reviews, and editorials related to the tech and gadget marketplace. Inaugurated on Feb 27, 2014. In such short span, PC-Tablet has managed to gain a lot of appreciation from the audiences. The videos uploaded are helpful and provides in-depth specifications of all latest gadgets that have hit the market.

I hope the above-mentioned channels comprises of the best technology YouTube channels. Keep following and extracting valuable reviews about new technology gadgets introduced. This will help you in indulging smart buy. Invest in the best by researching thoroughly before choosing one. These channels would help you in making a wiser decision that you shall not regret in future. Now without boring you more I shall end by saying find Technology at its best here.