If you are as careless as me with your smartphones and drops it over ten times a day, then these cases are just for you. Google Pixel is an expensive smartphone and also the glossy back glass panel is prone to scratches and dents while keeping it on your desk or dropping it accidentally on the floor. If you don’t want to spoil the beauty of this smartphone, then consider the crystal clear cases for your Google Pixel smartphones.

Carnaby Esquire Series

Raise your Google Pixel’s style with the Incipio Esquire Series Case. Esquire Series is specially crafted to provide extra protection and durability to your brand new Google Pixel phone. The Esquire Series case features a thin co-molded design which is comprised of a hard and sturdy shell with the shock absorbing polymer material.

The shock absorbing polymer material protects the smartphone against shocks due to accidental drops. To add a layer of comfort, the Esquire Series case comes with an ultra soft cotton finish. The case comes with all the needed openings like the camera, the USB port and the fingerprint sensor. With this case, you don’t need to sacrifice the style for protection again. This case comes in three different colours; black, grey and olive.

Google Pixel XL Case by Google

Google released the official case for its Pixel XL smartphone. It is a clear case which is thin and blends onto your Pixel XL’s body and goes invisible. The case got all the right openings, it does not cover the physical buttons like volume rocker and power button. The cutout for a¬†fingerprint scanner, camera module and three microphones are perfectly crafted.pixel-xl-case

This case doesn’t add any bulkiness to your phone and keeps is lightweight just as Google made it. The case weighs only 15gm and made out of polycarbonate which is a touch material to take the shocks on it without passing it to the smartphone. Currently, it is unavailable on Google store, but soon you’ll be able to buy it once it’s back in stock.

Spigen Slim Armor Case

Spigen is a well-known name in the smartphone case making brands comes up with a Slim Armor Case for Google Pixel smartphone. It’s a dual layered case made of flexible TPU and protected further with a hard PC (Ply Carbonate) layer, and this hard PC case is removable.

The slim profile allows it to smoothly slide into your pocket. Fits perfectly onto the phone without adding any bulk to the phone. The hard PC layer sports a kickstand made of metal which gives you hands-free viewing experience. The case gives the phone a military grade protection from shock. This case is available in black and gunmetal color variants.

Spigen Crystal Shell Case

If you think clear cases aren’t protective then think again, this Crystal Shell Case from Spigen gives military grade protection to your¬†Google Pixel. This Shell Case is made of hard PC which is transparent from all sides and corners. The Shell Case provides extra protection at the corners by adding more support to them with extra thick corners.

The Shell Case is crystal clear and doesn’t get pale or yellowish even after exposed to the sun for a long time. The physical buttons are protected with the polycarbonate protection to give a little more protection to the buttons too!


A case is a must to protect your expensive Google Pixel XL from shock and bumps. Crystal clear cases are the best to provide protection without destroying the dual color tone on the back of the Google Pixel. Well, Google Pixel are available for pre-orders, or if you already received your’s then order one of the case fro this list straight away.