Best GIF keyboards you can download on your iPhone or Android device

We all use chat and messenger app every day in our smartphones and try to express ourselves with words (we created LOL, ROTFLOL, and OMG). Now there is a new trend going on – expression GIF, expression GIF are a small animated clip in GIF format which express our current state. The clip can be from a movie, from real life or even animated.

Developers got to know about this trend and released some of the best GIF keyboards, so you don’t need to surf the whole internet for a GIF. There are lots of GIF keyboard app available in stores, and we hand-picked the best of them for your smartphone, check them out.

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Fleksy keyboard is a third party keyboard for you Android smartphone filled with lots of features. Fleksy keyboard supports extensions and one of the best extension is the “GIF Keyboard”. Enabling the GIF keyboard extension allows you to add GIF’s in the text line and share them with buddies.

After enabling it, you can access it by pressing and holding the emoji icon on the keyboard. On emoji’s page, you will see a new GIF tab. GIFs on this page are categorized like happy, sad, excited and more. You can search from thousands of gif on the keyboard and share them on any shareable app like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

Fleksy keyboard is a paid app but its free to download from store for 30 days trial period. Fleksy public Beta is also there which you can join and unlock more cool features like the Invisible keyboard. You can customize your keyboard with different paid and free themes.

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Giphy Keys

Giphy is the biggest GIF making and sharing website on the web. Giphy supports making GIFs from YouTube, videos, and pictures; the website is for desktop geeks. Giphy released GIPHY Keys, an iOS app for sharing GIF among various sharing sites and apps.

Giphy Keyboard gives you a full keyboard with a GIF bar on top with categorized GIFs which you can tap to copy and paste it in the text field to share. A search button is there to search among GIFs. Giphy contains millions of GIFs to express your current situation; you can even chat without words by using Giphy keys.

Giphy Keys is free but only available for iOS devices. Don’t you worry Android users, Giphy released a bigger treat for you al; Giphy official app. This app comes with all the features directly from the website like create GIF from the camera and share them with friends. This app is free on both iOS and Android.

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A cool GIF keyboard app is here, and it’s exclusively available for iOS users. The app/keyboard is an interesting app while lets you browse and share GIFs across different platforms. Giffage is an app for your daily dose of GIF’s, whenever you open this app, it will hit you with the latest GIF on the internet.

The app interface is simple and very interactive, launching the app for the first time will show you new GIF from the internet. You can favorite any GIFs and save them for later, or you can copy it so you can paste it in the text message to send them to your friends.

The best feature is to set it as default keyboard and when you want to reply on chat with GIFs, just tap the keyboard switcher, and you will be presented with a GIF explorer. Tap on any GIF to copy it for sharing or search using the search bar above them.

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Tenor GIF Keyboard

Another GIF keyboard and its available for both Android and iOS users. The interface is a little different in Android devices but for iOS devices, it works same as other GIF keyboard; bring up the keyboard, tap on any GIF and paste it into the text field.

On Android, you have to open the app and select the GIF you want to share. Now tap Send and select the one you want to share with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, Kik or save it locally and share it later on.

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The best GIF keyboard for Android and iOS is the Fleksy + GIF extension, its paid but this app worth the cost. If I have to choose from these apps, I would definitely go for Giphy Keys because it’s free and cool. So, have fun Android/iOS users with GIF keyboards (and two-minute silence for Windows Phone users).

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