Apple might re-introduce Touch ID in iPhone 13, could be the most secure iPhone together with Face ID tech

There has been a steady stream of iPhone 13 rumours hitting headlines with alarming regularity, notwithstanding the fact that the earliest the upcoming iPhone is expected to arrive is around September. And the latest rumour we have on this is that the Touch ID feature is set to make a comeback on the iPhone 13.

That sure will be mighty interesting considering that Apple had opted for the more advanced Face ID tech for user authentication starting with the iPhone X model launched in 2017. The company had then also trumpeted how much more secure and safe the Face ID tech is compared to Touch ID. However, the pandemic and its aftermath seem to have put paid to Apple’s plans now that a face mask has become part of our daily essentials, to the extent of being life-saving as well.

Unfortunately, the masks have proved to be a huge deterrent for Face ID tech that relies on 3D sensors and neural engine for an accurate depiction of a particular face to enforce security. Also, with mask usage showing no signs of receding, Apple is left with the next best solution, that of reintroducing the Touch ID sensors for fingerprint scanning.

However, that shouldn’t mean the Home button is making a comeback as well. Rather, Apple could be seen opting for an under-screen solution or integrate a side-mounted Touch ID button, the sort of which seen on the latest iPad model. Also, the Touch ID won’t be replacing Face ID. Instead, both could be seen coexisting on the iPhone 13, which likely will be the most secure iPhone version ever to be launched.

As for other iPhone 13 rumours, expect the version to come with improved optics, better performance along with maybe a smaller notch as well. However, the biggest change likely to be seen with the iPhone 13 is that it might be devoid of any ports, relying entirely on wireless mode of charging instead. A foldable iPhone model too is rumoured to be in the making.

In the end, what can be said is that the above are all rumours at best and are going to be so unless we have official Apple confirmation on the same.

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