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Apple iPhone 7 images leaked: Photos suggest it will be called iPhone 6 SE

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A recently leaked picture has taken the wraps off the only mystery, the iPhone 7 design. The image shows Taiwanese pop star Jimmy Lin holding an iPhone, which looks similar to that of the previous leaks. Lin, who has a track record of leaking iPhones prior to the release, was seen holding a device similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus in a cafe. Originally obtained by Yeah1, Lin was seen working with a handset, which looks similar to the numerous leaks. The iPhone 7 images look similar to that of the existing iPhone 6 with a dual camera system.

We can also clearly visualize the bump in the rear camera, which vindicates the claim of all the previous leaks. Lin has been leaking iPhones before the official release for the last four years. This clearly shows that there is an element of self-publicity involved in it.

Meanwhile, Techtastic and India-based Priceraja also revealed iPhone 7 images from the user guide to retail packaging. According to an image displayed at a particular angle, the upcoming iPhone will be called iPhone 6 SE.

The site also displayed iPhone 7 images of possible quick start guide. It shows the time as 9.41, which signals the fact that the forthcoming iPhone will be released at this time. We can see some content on the left side in Chinese language and part of the content on the right side.

In the previous iPhone 7 images article, we had mentioned about the possible inclusion of a free lightning port earphone along with the new device. To justify the claim, the leaked image clearly showcases the rear side alongside the free earphone. The bottom portion is only partially visible, and it seems to be the power adapter.

Interestingly, none of the images leaked by the portal reveals the front side of the device. The leaked product retail packaging is supposed to be that of the 64GB variant. Since the package content is in the Chinese language, we assume that the images have been leaked from a factory based in China.

Retail packaging leak is common

There is nothing new about the possible leak of iPhone 7 packaging. This will occur every year before the launch. However, bloggers and tech enthusiasts are always skeptical of its authenticity. A popular tech portal revealed that the leaked iPhone 7 images of the retail packaging have to be termed as “sketchy” like in the previous years.

The entry of Jimmy Lin

It all started in 2012 when Lin posted with an iPhone 5 on his Weibo page and again with an iPhone 5C in 2013. In 2014, he posed with an iPhone 6. Even Apple employees based in Hong Kong admitted the fact that the device which he was holding in the picture was a legitimate one.

However, in 2015 Lin was not seen in the picture. According to analysts, this was due to the fact that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus was more or less identical to the iPhone 6. However, the integration of a dual camera in iPhone 7 Plus would have reportedly prompted him to appear again before the camera.

Even though we have to wait till Tim Cook officially unveils the new iPhone on stage, the latest leak assumes significance because the official launch is just days ahead.

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