Home News Another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire in China while on charge

Another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire in China while on charge

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A report out of China suggests that there has been another incident of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire while charging. A Chinese user said that his device exploded on Sunday. This was one from the lot that Samsung claims is good. Despite the massive recall the company continues to face issues.

Samsung was forced to recall 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones all over the world, including the US and its home country South Korea. The devices from China were not recalled because the company claimed that the units sent to South Korea were not faulty.

The electronics giant has not revealed which of their battery makers is to blame for the faulty batteries. However, the company uses a separate supplier for the Chinese market. Apparently, the units from them are also faulty.


Following a similar complaint from China earlier this month, Samsung had dismissed all fears of the country having faulty products proving that the explosion was a result of external heating.

Samsung agrees to pay for the damages

In the latest incident, the Chinese customer named Hui complained that his Galaxy Note 7 “phablet” that he had purchased on Saturday not only exploded, but also scorched his Macbook that was nearby. Samsung has offered to compensate Hui for the damages, but the user reportedly wants the company to make an official statement about it and has refused to turn over the devices.

The Note 7 is one of Samsung’s biggest flagships and was supposed to help the company boost sales, as it was struggling even prior to the incidents. This unprecedented recall has reportedly cost the company a massive $3billion. Due to all this ruckus, the rollout in India has also been delayed and now the official date seems to be October 7, alongside the latest iPhone 7 roll out.

After the IndiGo incident where a Galaxy Note 2 caught fire in the flight, India has prohibited the use of Galaxy Note series in flight. The US alone has seen the over 92 cases of Galaxy smartphone catching fire.