The Android M OS was first unveiled in May, and earlier this month the Developer Preview 2 was launched, giving us a sneak peak at the features and improvements we can expect when the full version is released. Here are few things you should know about the upcoming Android M OS.

One of the best new features you should know about is Visual Voicemail. As it stands, T-Mobile and Orange France are the only two carriers that will support it, but more are expected to follow. Once it becomes functional on more carriers, Visual Voicemail will allow users to access their voicemail using a visual interface rather than having to listen to options, which is a small but meaningful upgrade from past Android devices.

The Android M will also make it easier for users to manage their RAM, as the memory section will not be centrally located in the Settings menu. This will allow users to become more involved in the way their memory is managed, which can lead to improved functionality.

Fingerprint recognition technology will also be present on the Android M. Not only will fingerprints be used to unlock the device, but they will also be able to authenticate purchases in Play Store, Android Pay, and potentially other applications as well.

Finally, there will be a screen rotation function for the new Android device. The Android M can be used in landscape format for both apps and the home screen. The app drawer has also undergone improvement, as there will now be more app icons on the screen, making it quicker and easier to navigate.

With the second Developer Preview underway, Google should be ready to put the finishing touches on the Android M. At the moment, nothing is official, but it’s expected that Android M will be available to the masses in September.