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Android Marshmallow user base jumps to 18.7 percent, Nougat users as many as Froyo


The latest Android version, Nougat has been made openly available on supported mobile phones and tablets, but according to the latest Google Play distribution data, it only powers 0.1 percent of Android devices that are active. The data also shows that with 18.7 percent, Marshmallow has the largest number of devices under its belly.

Android Lollipop has the highest number with 35 percent (5.0 Lollipop on 13.1 percent and 5.1 Lollipop on 21.9 percent). According to data on the Android Developer’s web page, the usage of KitKat is decreasing steadily, with a current user base of 27.7 percent of all Android devices (down from 29.2 percent from last month). Jelly Bean has gone down to 15.6 percent.

The following table shows all the count data of the currently used Android versions:

Android Current month userbase in percent Last month userbase in percent
Froyo 0.1 0.1
Gingerbread 1.5 1.7
Ice Cream Sandwich 1.4 1.6
Jelly Bean 15.6 16.7
KitKat 27.7 29.2
Lollipop 35 35.5
Marshmallow 18.7 15.2
Nougat 0.1 0

Note: Nougat has just as much users as the first version of Android available, Froyo.

All versions before Marshmallow, available in the market has seen a downfall in userbase (besides Froyo, which has remained the same. With the Nougat only available in a select few flagships, it’s reach is going to increase. With new features such as a redesigned notifications bar, notification stacks, split screen view, direct text reply from the notification bar, Vulkan support and Google VR support, among many others, Nougat is set to break all statistics. The low number of devices on it is only because most devices have not received the update, yet. The patterns show a steady growth in the latest versions.

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