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Amazon.in offers flat Rs. 1,000 discount on Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

As part of the 67th Republic Day celebrations, Amazon India is currently offering a flat discount of Rs. 1,000 on its Kindle eBook Reader. Equipped with a 6-inch touchscreen display with Wireless support, the e-book reader enables you to read content like a real paper even in bright sunlight. Originally priced at Rs. 5,999, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader is now available for Rs. 4,999.

Integrated with X-Ray interface and paired with Whispersync technology, the new Amazon Kindle eBook Reader also includes a built-in vocabulary builder, dictionary, and highlighter in addition to Goodreads support.


Powered by a massive battery, the Kindle reader can work for up to one month on a full charge. The device will not make use of power to maintain a page of text and hence the overall battery consumption is less.

Lighter than a heavy paperback book, the Kindle reader is comfortable to hold in one hand for an extended time. As a user, you will not feel the pain like Android and Windows tablets.

By making effective use of actual ink particles and proprietary and hand-built fonts, the Kindle reader enables you to visualize crisp text in the same way as you view in a printed book. The device has been designed in such a way that the blacks and whites on the screen look uniform thus improving the image quality.

Due to glare-free display and uniform brightness across all lighting conditions, you will feel easy for your eyes to read content.

Capable of holding your entire library, the Kindle reader also includes features like look it up instantly, the total time required to read the content. In-line footnotes including reading content from where you closed previously.

Moreover, the reader automatically synchronizes your last page, bookmarks, and annotations across all your devices.

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Specifications:

Amazon is expected to add a new feature that enables you to share the library with family. To read content on Kindle, you need access to e-books in Kindle format.

Populated with over 500,000 eBooks at Rs. 99 or less, the vast Kindle ebook library on Amazon also has over 1.5 million eBooks at Rs. 299 or less. You will also find Kindle books for free as well from time to time.